Yogafurie – A Family Story

The Yogafurie Family Story

(p.s. it wasn’t overnight!)

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Can you remember what you were doing in 2004? I was busy implementing business intelligence systems for HP, and in my spare time I enjoyed practicing Tai Chi. And at the weekend, I would take Sinead and her two oldest brothers – all three of them were teenagers back then – to the climbing centre in St Werburghs. We spent a lot of time there, and all learned to lead climb.

Family business


At the time, Sinead often said that she would like to go to a Yoga class. Then, one day, we saw a class advertised at the climbing centre. The climbing centre (for those who’ve never been) is an old church that’s be re-purposed. In those less safety-conscious days, the class
took place at the centre, high up in the old choir loft and overlooking the walls and climbers. I was quite happy to take Sinead to the class. I thought it was a great idea. Then Sinead explained to me that I had to do the class as well, because she didn’t want to do it on her own. I must say I was shocked. Such a thought had never crossed my mind. I couldn’t go to a Yoga class! That was a crazy idea. Sinead was quite persistent however. I still don’t know how she did it, but she talked me into it. I agreed to go to the class with her.


family business


The class was everything I didn’t expect. It was a hardcore Ashtanga class, and it was taught by a hardcore teacher. He took no prisoners, and by the end of it I was both exhausted and amazed. Everything, literally every aspect of what had just happened, was the polar opposite of what I had envisaged. I was blown away, and there was no doubt in my mind: I’d be going back next week. The rest, as they say, is history…


family business


Looking back, I can understand why some people don’t want to try a Yoga class. Without ever having tried Yoga, or spoken to anyone about Yoga, I’d formed an opinion that nearly stopped me from attending with Sinead, all those years ago. Add heat into the mix and people can feel a strong sense of reservation. All I can say is: it’s likely that whatever you’re thinking, is not what will happen at your first Hot Yoga class.


Prepare to be surprised!


Yogafurie offers seven styles of Hot Yoga practice, ranging from the highly dynamic to the meditative and relaxed. Here’s a little more information for you.


Class Name Short Description Temp Celsius Length (mins)
Classic Freedom in your mind, movement and breath. The perfect way to reboot whenever you need to. Lots of positive movement and breath cues help you learn, develop and perfect your Hot Yoga practice. 42 75
Fierce Passionate about postures? Work hard to deepen your practice in this pacey and challenging technical session. This is a varied and dynamic class, and you’ll explore all types of Yoga postures. 42 75
Glow Install the Friday feeling. Flow from the weekday to the weekend with grace and ease at 30 degrees. “We are the movers and shakers” the saying goes: in this class, you are the mover shaking off the week. A fun Hot (ish!) Yoga Flow for all levels. 30 60
Freedom When you can’t find the words then let your heart rule your head. Find graceful, clear and confident self-expression through movement. The best way to discharge your day and recharge for tomorrow. 35 75
Dreamtime Connect to the earth, connect to the stars, and find yourself in between. This is a journey into stillness from Hot Yoga Flow to delicious Yoga Nidra. Nidra is a relaxation meditation technique – you’re going to go deep with this one. 35 75
Core Deep Stretching with longer holds and deeper strength. Come to the centre to find your wings for flight. In this class, you’ll explore the contrast between strength and flexibility that defines the progressive Yoga student. 42 75
Hot Yin Tonic The Yin and Yang of Yoga, this class combines Vinyasa sequences with a deeply restorative Yin practice. Build strength and heat in your body and find your way in to stillness and deep release through intuitive Yin. 42 75

You can email us for any information you’d like to know as a beginner to both Yoga and Hot Yoga. And you can find our Timetable on our website too. Book in and see how it could change the path of your life!

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