Yogafurie's Mission & Values

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Our Story

An Independent, family business

When you come to our studio, you will instantly feel welcomed, at home and part of the family. Able to relax and be yourself.

And that is because we are a family that LOVES the family vibe! You know that vibe? Where you can arrive and be yourself fully? Where you’re happy to see someone and they’re pleased to see you too.

Yogafurie Owner, Director & Lead Instructor, Ed, is father to Sinead, another Director and Lead Instructor.

The start of the entire Yogafurie spark began with both father and daughter attending their first Yoga class together almost 20 years ago.

And you know the wonderful photos we always have? Well Ed’s other half is Freia, who is a professional (and fantastic) photographer. Freia also is a lover of Yoga and Hot Yoga, and she very much directs how Yogafurie looks and feels when you step into our studio, or take an online Yoga class.

Read our family story here.

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Our Mission

Improve the health of others and of the earth

“We are committed to reforest an area the size of mainland Britain by 2050 through the practice and delivery of high quality, effective, authentic and respectful Yoga and Hot Yoga teaching and equipment.”

Businesses play a big part in the future of our environment. Even independent ones like ours! We are committed to being a part of the solution when it comes to the health of others and the health of the earth.

When you come to our studio to take a Hot Yoga class, join Teacher Training, purchase Yoga equipment or anything else involved in our offerings, you can be sure that the money you spend is being invested in the health and future of the earth!

You can rest assured that taking classes with us really is great for the earth as our Hot Yoga classes are carbon neutral!

This year (2020) we made a promise to plant 26 trees with the Forest of Avon Trust. We wanted to plant more, so we enlisted your help with our Get Rooted Hot Yoga Challenge! By taking part in this, our members have helped us double that number and we are now planting 52 trees this year with the Forest of Avon Trust!

Check back here regularly to hear all of our environmental updates!

Our Values

Compassion, inclusivity, authenticity

Compassion: For people, the environment, animals and good causes.

Dedication: To Yoga practice, to Yoga traditions, to students and to quality.

Ambition: To spread the Yogafurie message, to improve the health of the
earth in which we live through reforestation and conducting business ethically.

Inclusivity: Respect for people, no one is left out.

Authenticity: As people, as Yoga practitioners and as a business.

Excellence: Teaching traditional Yoga practices, informed by science.
Always learning.

Loyalty: To each other, to the Yogafurie message and to the environment.

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