For you Hardcore Lot! A Yogafurie Chaturanga-a-thon at Om Yoga Show 2016

Only for the truly hardcore… Come and get your chatturanga dandasana on anytime with Yogafurie at stand E20 at the Om Yoga Show 2016!

We have fabulous prizes to give away and we’ll be running a leader board, so login to our Teacher Training page every day of the show to see how your Chaturanga is holding up!

Om Yoga Show 2016

How the competition works

1. Come and see us at stand E20, fill in your email and twitter handle and review/sign the medical condition checklist.

2. Judge’s decision final! Your judge is the Yogafurie team member who records your chatturanga-a-thon attempt.

3. Your chatturanga must display cool alignments. The timer starts when you’re all in place, as per below. The timer stops when

a. You come out of alignment, or

b. You stop the challenge for yourself.

4. For your entry to be counted, you must exit your chatturanga by extending your arms into plank, then gently and with control dropping your knees to all fours.

5. Your alignments are:

a. Elbows and wrists in a vertical line. Elbows drawn in to ribs.

b. Wrists vertically under elbows. All finger pads engaged on the floor, outside

of palm the same.

c. Shoulders, elbows and hips in line.

d. Collars drawn down from ears.

e. Back of your neck long, crown of head in line, chest lifted forward, tail

lengthening to heels. Heels reach backwards.

f. Knees firm, but just off of lock. If your knees naturally hyperextend then let

us know first.

g. No saggy midsections!

Chatturanga dandasana – start small!

Chatturanga is a challenging pose when all the alignments are honoured and in place. Generally speaking, practitioners need to develop strength in arms, chest, shoulders and upper back, and good mulabandha work will be essential.

Bandhas support our bodies in a number of ways, and it’s really important to develop this internal support network so that it works habitually, not just when we are reminded in class.

Start the journey with ardha chatturanga dandasana – the half version of the pose. This is performed from an all-fours position. Start with quite small movements so that you can really focus on settling your collars down away from your ears, working your elbows in towards your ribs, keeping your elbows vertically aligned over your hips…and, of course, holding your mula bandha so that your deep core supports your lower spine. Keep pressing your toes into the floor also, so that your pose is grounded in your lower body and your earth connection.

To find out more, check in and ask at the Yogafurie stand E20 at the Om Yoga Show 2016!

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