Yogafurie Is Making An Appearance at Om Yoga Show 2016!

And we want to hear you roar….or OM!

We want to have fun at the Om Yoga show and stay in tune with tradition. Come to the Yogafurie stand E20 and see if you have the loudest and longest OM! We’ll be running a leader board on this one, so logon to our Teacher Training page after the show each day to check how you’re doing.

How the competition works

1. Come and see us at the Yogafurie stand E20.

2. Fill in your email and twitter details on our competition sheet.

3. Get ready! We’ll be there for your best OM…

A few rules:

a.) A, U and M sounds must be clear and sequential.

b.) Maintain your exhale (kumbhaka) at the end of your OM as you honour turiya in silence.

c.) Your inhale must be clear and relaxed.

d.) The leader will be the individual with the longest kumbhaka followed by a relaxed inhale.

e.) In the event of tie-break, the person with the loudest, clearly defined OM will be the winner.

A little bit about OM…

The OM Mantra is a roadmap for Sadhana or spiritual practices. Its sound and practice encode four levels of consciousness from the material to the sublime, and three transitions.

The “Ahhh…” sound resonates in the lower abdomen – this is always associated with earth and incarnation. This awakening into our full being is the opening of the syllable chant, characterised by the physical body and the waking state. This is the state in which actions are in progress. Those actions may have come from a free choice, or from deep-rooted behaviour patterns.

The sound “Ooo…” resonates in the upper chest and throat. Energetically, these are associated with our more developed faculties and emotions and represent a subtler, more considered acuity that we can bring to our life situations.

The “Mmm…” sound resonates in the head. Intuition is our best experience of choice; that moment when old habits fall away and we spontaneously try something new is most associated with ajna chakra.

The silence at the end at first simply represents turiya. Turiya contains the states of consciousness we’ve vocalised, but is at the same time infinitely more. It can appear individual and then we call it atman. It’s completely universal, and then we call it brahman.

The challenge for Yogis is to drop into the unlimited turiya at will.

Om Yoga Show

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