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Free Event

Yoga Teacher Training Open Day

Saturday 18th March 1-4pm

This free afternoon is a glimpse of what it’s like to train as a teacher of Yoga and Hot Yoga.

We’ll enjoy a Hot Yoga class together, do some detailed posture analysis – and enjoy some free coffee and cake together!

There’ll also be news about a very special offer for you if you want to apply to join the September 2023 course.

Yoga Holiday

Summer Yoga in Cyprus

19th - 26th June 2023

Yogafurie is returning to this gorgeous destination in June 2023.

We discovered its beauty and charm on our first visit.

The resort combines a dedicated practice space with all the comforts of a modern hotel, and it’s right next to a quiet and secluded beach.

The water is warm and clear, and a bright sun rises over the bay each morning.

It really is the perfect destination to blend strong practice with relaxation, in the company of like-minded Yoga friends.

Join  Yogafurie at this magical spot in Cyprus, right on the doorstep of Akamas Peninsula National Park.

Yoga Workshop

Partner Yoga!

Sunday 12th Feb 2-4:30pm

Try Partner Yoga!

It’s just the most fun way to practice.

“Yoga” means “union” (in Sanskrit), and this is exactly what partner Yoga does – it unites two people – sometimes with hilarious results!

All joking aside, partner Yoga really does bring people together through contact and movement. It’s a great way to understand and improve your own postures as well. Read on to find out some of the benefits of partner Yoga.

This workshop is held at room temperature. It is not a Hot Yoga practice.

50 Hours CPD Intensive

Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra

3rd - 5th March
15th & 16th April
8am - 6pm each day

This course is for Yoga teachers, and regular practitioners, who want to explore Yoga, energy and movement in depth.

Yoga practitioners know that if we can calm our breath, we can reduce mental and physical tension.

Mindfulness, meditation and Yoga Nidra reliably regulate unwanted nervous activation and regular practice brings lasting change: we’re just less likely to be triggered.

This module explores all three: you’ll learn tools and techniques for your own practice and look at ways to teach others.

50 Hour CPD Intensive

Health and the Subtle Body in Yoga

16th - 18th June
8th & 9th July
8am - 6pm each day

This course is for Yoga teachers, and regular practitioners, who want to explore Yoga, energy and movement in depth.

Yogis agree that energy and consciousness are at work within us.

This module explores health and the human body an expression of subtle energy, as taught in the classic Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

We’ll discover how Ayurveda builds on this model. Given some of Yoga’s lifestyle observances (yamas and niyamas), we ask: how can we make health the central theme of our Yoga practice?

50 Hours CPD Intensive

Pranayama, Sound and Chanting

15th - 17th September
14th & 15th October
8am - 6pm each day

This course is for Yoga teachers, and regular practitioners, who want to explore Yoga, energy and movement in depth.

Ancient Yogis observed the rhythm of the breath, and concluded that our whole world is a repeating pattern of energy.

We’ll begin our journey through sound and by learning about (and practicing) chanting.

You’ll renew and reinvigorate your current breath practice, and learn about some fascinating developments in breath science that can reset your entire system.

We’ll link pranayama to asana, and learn how to get the most from each round of breath.

Yoga Retreat

Dive Into Study and Practice Yoga Retreat

23rd - 29th October

This course is for Yoga teachers, and regular practitioners, who want to explore Yoga, energy and movement in depth.

This retreat revists key elements and practices from each of the 6 study modules in our 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training Course.

No previous experience is assumed, but it’s recommended that you have studied at least one of the other modules in order to get the most out of the experience.

It is an intensive retreat, so expect to be engaged in some kind of practice for 8-9 hours per day.

Practice periods are spread out between the hours of 6AM-9PM, so there will be ample opportunity to rest, eat and socialise.

All food, accommodation, Yoga practice and study are included in the price.

What others have to say

  • Keep up the good work. Words can't explain how fantastic this yoga studio is - all the teachers are personable, passionate and inspiring. I joined as a complete novice to yoga and was welcomed immediately and am now hooked. The studio is a haven of calm amidst the busy day to day schedule and I can't wait to return once life gets back to normal. In the meantime, the online lessons for us whilst staying at home are a blessing and keeping me sane 🙂 Keep up the good work.

    Josephine Adams Avatar
    Josephine Adams

    I absolutely love Yogafurie. Having not been to yoga for years I started doing yogafurie online classes during lockdown, pretty much every day. They made such a huge difference to my lockdown experience, I became more flexible and chilled whilst also staying strong - thank you Yogafurie! I have joined the hot yoga classes now which are amazing. I have never done anything like it before. It is very professional, friendly, clean, smells lovely. You sweat in the classes but don't have contact with other people's sweat - very different from other hot studios I have heard of. The heat helps with flexibility and I feel detoxed at the end of a class.

    Emma Dawson Avatar
    Emma Dawson
  • This is an incredible studio that Ed has created. It's a really welcoming space which makes you feel so comfortable. The yoga practice itself is very well designed and the instructions are clear. I really do love this place to go and do yoga, even if you are a beginner or wanting to progress further, yogafuire is the place to go.

    Beth Paull Avatar
    Beth Paull

    Yogafurie is a really great facility with friendly staff/instructors. I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t tried hot yoga to give it a go! Anyone who is already a bit of a yogi will certainly love this place, definitely check it out.

    dan stephenson Avatar
    dan stephenson
  • This yoga studio is by far the best I’ve ever been a part of. It’s so welcoming and the teachers are incredible. It’s made a huge difference to my physical and mental strength and agility since I’ve been a member. Cannot recommend it enough.

    rae Ama Avatar
    rae Ama

    I cannot recommend Yogafurie enough! The tutors are wonderful and extremely helpful - I was reluctant to give yoga a go as my previous experience wasn't great, but thanks to the team at Yogafurie I love my practice now. The communication is amazing, and everyone is so friendly. The online classes are really good, and have often been my motivation to get moving during lock-down. No matter what your experience level, the tutors will have a variation for you. If you're thinking of giving yoga a try, this is the place to do it.

    Hannah May Crawford Avatar
    Hannah May Crawford
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Yoga Workshop Bristol

Yoga Retreats, Courses & Yoga Workshops Bristol based

Deepen your Yoga and refine your posture by joining our Yoga Retreats, Courses & Workshops in Bristol & beyond!

If you’re looking for yoga workshops in Bristol, here at Yogafurie, our Yoga Retreats & Workshops provide a unique opportunity to take time out from the hustle and bustle of life to feel nourished and grounded once more.

Our Yoga Workshops in Bristol are a great way to deepen your understanding of yoga and build on what is learnt in class and also helps to develop a sense of community which Body Yoga prides itself on. We aim to provide regular workshops and courses focused on different areas of interest from inversions, to creating a home practice to meditation.

We invite you to come along with us and experience a yoga retreat abroad and rediscover your inner self in a different location from home. Take a look below and contact us for further details.

Interested in becoming a yoga teacher? Now, you can complete your yoga teacher training entirely online. Click here.

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