Learn from the best and deepen your Yoga practice. Whether you aim to become a Yoga teacher in Bristol, or simply wish to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of Yoga, Yogafurie Academy gets you there.

Online Yoga Teacher Trainings

Study in depth the acupuncture meridians of Classical Chinese Medicine, and myofascial structures within the living body. This course relates these to each other, and explores both through extensive Yoga asana and breath practice. Learn more about this yoga course in Bristol. 

Gain a deeper understanding of what it’s really like to take a Yoga Teacher Training course.

Read the stories of people just like you who have trodden the path and kindly offered to share their experiences.

Learn what people think of the course, what they loved, the challenges they faced, and how they overcame these challenges with the support of Yogafurie Academy and their community of course friends.

Our 200 and 300 hour intensive yoga teacher courses upskill you to teach safe and enjoyable classes, of various styles and temperatures. All Yoga teacher training takes place in-person at our Yoga studio in Bristol.

At Yogafurie, we passionately believe that you get the best learning outcome from training in person, with other trainee teachers and a qualified instructor all together in the same space. After all, teaching Yoga is about teaching people. The best way to learn – and so the best value for your money – is with people, rather than online.

People have re-assessed their approach to physical health following the pandemic. And as the pressure of modern life grows, mental health is moving up the agenda too.

Here at Yogafurie, we believe it’s no accident that Yoga has become widely established in this country, just in time to help people with these challenges. Now, more than ever, is the time to take a step forward into a health-based lifestyle and help others to do the same, as a teacher of Yoga and Hot Yoga.

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To find out more information about Yogafurie Academy and our Yoga Teacher Training in Bristol and the courses available to you, please get in touch with us using the form…

Yoga Teacher Training

Classes for Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Yogafurie

Become the next Yoga Instructor, with teacher training courses held in Bristol

Become a Yoga Teacher with Yogafurie Academy in Bristol. The Yogafurie Academy courses are accredited with Yoga Alliance and offer full support throughout your learning journey with us.

We offer Yoga & Hot Yoga Teacher Training Courses. We have developed an excellent reputation for offering one of Bristol’s best Yoga teacher training courses. Transform your Yoga practice and teach Yoga and Hot Yoga.

Our Yoga Teachers / Instructors in Bristol have a keen understanding of human anatomy and a deep and profound appreciation of the art, theory and principles of Yoga.

Start your training journey with our 230 Yoga & Hot Yoga Teacher Training or develop your career and explore new practices with our CPD courses. 

Our Yoga teachers in Bristol are excited to welcome you and help you become a great Yoga teacher and instructor too.

Transform your life, change your career, enhance and deepen your Yoga practice.

You’ll meet and learn from a wide range of experienced yoga teachers in Bristol and other experts who specialise in subjects related to Yoga – including fascia and bodywork, meditation and mindfulness, sanskrit, human anatomy/ physiology, and more.

Interested in becoming a yoga teacher? Now, you can complete your yoga teacher training entirely online. Check out our online yoga teacher training here

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"Firstly, thank you! I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It delivered on everything I hoped for and more. I honestly feel that I have learnt much more than I could on many of the other 200 hour courses out there. I think you have great course content and I am confident to teach safely and with a variety of skills. Thank you."


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People can change in lots of ways. You’ll learn all about why and how Yoga boosts wellness, and with all your knowledge and practice you'll radiate good health. Lifestyle changes happen, partly because you’re making space for more practice and study, and partly because health and wellness will become important to you in a new way.

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The RYS 200 Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Training course will be held at the Yogafurie studio in Bristol. As well as great practice and study facilities, you can relax between sessions in our social area. Yogafurie provides Pukka teas and Extract filter coffee free on course days, and we all bring some food to share over lunch.

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The Yogafurie course is quite unique, as you qualify to teach both Yoga and Hot Yoga. We also offer 230 contact hours, and a host of great guest teachers. There are many other reasons and factors to consider, and people travel for the course. Here we talk a bit about Bristol as a learning destination.

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