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Finding the best yoga studio in Bristol can be tricky since there are several variations of yoga you can enrol in.

At Yogafurie yoga studio in Bristol,  besides the range of creative, holistic and inspiring yoga classes for health and well-being, we offer you a safe space to connect with yourself, move your body in a way that feels amazing and explore all of the incredible benefits that different yoga styles and meditation has to offer. Built with well ventilated rooms, fitted mirrors and clean surface, our Bristol yoga studio will give you a suitable and relaxing space to better practice your yoga.

Our Bristol yoga studio caters all of our students, fully equipped with separate changing rooms, showers and towel hire! Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, our yoga studio will have what you need to dive into the action.

Alongside our facilities, we have 2 main rooms used for practice. The hot yoga studio presents seven different styles of yoga across the week.  Looking for a Bristol yoga studio that feels like home?

You may scroll down and see photos of our yoga studio in Bristol.

Bristol Yoga Studio
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