Welcome to our Online Yoga Platform! Everything you love about Yogafurie’s style of Yoga, meditations and Nidra, shared with you online.

New Yoga classes offered weekly, both Live and On Demand.

And the best bit? If you miss a Live class, it’s saved to be accessed On Demand by you later!

You will also find extra On Demand practices uploaded weekly to add to our growing library of Yoga classes for you.

True flexibility to fit in with your lifestyle. Develop your Yoga practice at your pace, anywhere you are in the world, with Yogafurie.

Below you will see a description of the different styles you can access online.

How to Join

Hit the button below to head to our Yoga platform online. No need to book in for class. Simply follow this button to the platform to browse and enjoy all Yoga and meditation classes.

Online Yoga Class Styles

Our signature class

Yogafurie’s signature style of Vinyasa Yoga. Our creative, varied, and dynamic style offers you freedom in your mind, movement and breath. The perfect way to reboot whenever you need to.

Lots of positive movement and breath cues help you learn, develop and perfect your Yoga practice.


A sublime mix of slow flow yoga followed with Yoga Nidra, delivered in the comfort of your own home.

Simply set aside 1 hour for yourself and enjoy settling into gentle stretches, feel good flows, and a deeply nourishing Yoga Nidra practice.

Fierce Furie

Passionate about postures?

Work hard to deepen your practice in this pacey and challenging technical session. This is a varied and dynamic class, and you’ll explore all types of yoga postures.

Hot Yin Tonic

In this Yin Tonic class we will be finding our way in to stillness, working with postures which are mostly floor based and held for around 5 minutes to help release deep in to the connective tissue.

Yin is an intuitive practice and encourages students to explore their bodies and find a posture that feels the most nourishing for them, in our ever changing lives its incredibly important we take this time out to to stop and listen. This class is time dedicated for rest, inviting in balance and allowing these opposite forces to complement each other.

Glow Flow Yoga

Slow Flow online with Yogafurie is your chance to stretch, strengthen and shine.

A soothing Yogafurie class, perfect for all abilities alike. If you’re new to Yoga then this is a great way to get started. If you’re a seasoned Yoga practitioner, you’ll find you can give the flow more focus and enjoy the meditative style of movement.

Freedom Flow

Freedom flow is the chance to move and taste yoga in a way that feels good!

Your class can include a meditation or nidra practice to heighten presence and awareness. You are invited to slow down and strengthen. And end this practice feeling great!

It’s really simple and easy to hop online and start your Yoga practice today, wherever you are in the world! Hit the button below and head to Yogafurie’s Yoga classes online.

We’ll see you on the mat!

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