Improving your Yoga & fitness at home

Like the rest of us have during lockdown, you’ve turned to the internet to offer you guidance with Yoga, meditation and fitness classes to keep you healthy and sane throughout this time.

You go to roll out your Yoga mat and realise it’s over 10 years old and has holes in it. Or that it was a hand-down that never suited what you needed much anyway so it was just put away.

Or you begin a class and realise you would get so much more out of it if you had bricks, blocks or belts to help you with certain postures. And that’s true, we’re all shaped differently and need support in different ways as we practice. You’ll see that in the styles of Yoga that we teach here at the studio and online.

Well as Yogis who started a home practice themselves, we know what you need. And we’re here to help. We are offering YogaMad Yoga equipment, the same equipment that we use at our studio, for you to use at home.

Even better, because we are local to Bristol, we are able to offer a competitive price, especially if you need to purchase bundles.

Studio quality equipment to help you develop your Yoga practice

On our Yoga Gear website you will find:

  • Yoga mats and eco Yoga mats
  • Yoga bricks
  • Yoga blocks
  • Yoga belts
  • Yoga bolsters
  • Eco-friendly, human friendly and beautiful Yoga clothing (made from recycled plastic / organic cotton by people who are paid a fair wage)

If you live in Bristol you can skip the delivery charge and we will arrange a safe and socially distant collection or drop off with you personally.

So take a moment to browse our online store. If you see something that can help you enjoy and develop your Yoga practice even better at home, then we can arrange this for you immediately.