Why Yogafurie Academy?

You’re interested in learning to teach Yoga and/or Hot Yoga. Or maybe you just want to learn a whole lot more about the subject and develop your own practice further. There are lots of courses around. Here you can read what’s different and unique about the Yogafurie Academy course in Bristol.

Learn to teach both Yoga and Hot Yoga

You graduate with the skills needed to teach both Yoga and Hot Yoga. You’re uniquely employable as a teacher.


What you learn comes directly from established medical fact, or from Yoga’s ancient practice manuals. You graduate with a deep appreciation of Yoga, it’s philosophy and tradition, and of how your own body works and moves.

Breadth of learning

You learn lots about Yoga and Hot Yoga. You also attend regular workshops lead by experts in related disciplines, such as mindfulness, meditation, the systems of the human body, fascia, and more.

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Your future as a teacher

To be a Yoga/ Hot Yoga teacher is to have a great lifestyle. Few other professions offer the chance to enjoy work so much. But there’s more to it of course – to start and maintain successful classes, you need to know something about tax, data protection, insurance and marketing/ social media. You’ll look at these important aspects in enough detail to feel confident as the leader of your own small business.

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We support you

The friends you make on a teacher training course often become friends for life. The group is a support network. The teaching team support you every step of the way too: if you need extra help during the course then it’s available. We have extra optional catch-up time built into the schedule. Also, our assessment scheme is dyslexia-friendly. You really will get every chance to be the best teacher you can be.

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Yogafurie Academy’s 200-hour course features 224 hours of actual contact time with a lead instructor or expert speaker. None of the hours are made up with assistant instructors or through your own personal study.

Our Course Calendar page gives you a breakdown of how your study time is spent.

Fully accredited…and built for the future

Yogafurie Academy is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. Our course is fully accredited. The UK Yoga world is on the edge of a teaching revolution, as new National Occupational Standards for Yoga teachers are in preparation Yogafurie is part of the Expert Working Group developing and refining these standards. The Academy course reflects all of the elements future teachers will need.

An ongoing reference

You’ll receive your own copy of Yogafurie’s extensive and detailed Teacher Training manual. As well as being invaluable on the course, the manual will continue to be a useful reference tool for you for many years.

Save money studying in Bristol

Yogafurie is a community-focused organisation. We’ve done our research, and we want to provide the best training at the price most people can afford. So, the Yogafurie Teacher Training Course in Bristol is significantly less expensive than any equivalent course in any other major UK city, even if you have to travel to and stay in Bristol for course weekends. Find out for yourself – our Study in Bristol page has a summary of local, high quality B&B accommodation, and links to find prices for local and national transport.

Your Yoga and Hot Yoga journey starts now

The Yogafurie course is for anyone – beginners and seasoned practitioners alike – who wish to dive deep with Yoga. And it’s for anyone who wants to go on to teach what they’ve learned, either in Yoga classes or Hot Yoga classes. Get in touch – call or email using the links below

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