Wellness, exercise – and soul

Not so long ago, people were into fitness and weight loss. But that had no heart; even if we did get thinner, we weren’t any happier.

So, Yogafurie’s focus is wellness through exercise – with soul. You’ll learn authentic, traditional Yoga, informed by new discoveries in life science. The practice room is warm – between 30o and 42o, depending on the class. Teachers understand your tissue network (fascia) and how movement and breath will calm your mind.

You can read more about why warmth helps health and practice on our blog.

Yogafurie is an independent, family-run, Bristol business. We’re headed up by a father-daughter team (Ed and Sinead) who together have brought Yogafurie from nothing to one of Bristol’s busiest studios.

You can read more about our family story on our blog.

It’s also one of Bristol’s friendliest studios. We’re open, approachable – and accessible. Call us and we will call back to help you on your Yoga journey! Here’s some of the things our students say:

The instructor was very mindful of me in class helping to re adjust to help with my lower spine and adjusting moves to help with pain etc.

I like the variety as something will always suit your mood/ability in any week

All the staff are extremely friendly, and the classes are accessible to all, regardless of ability.

Yoga Furie has been my first-time practicing yoga and I love the different classes and the teachers.

family businessThe temperature is constant and the humidity is locked on to 50% (optimum for your skin to breathe), whatever class you attend. When the sunshine is beating down outside and the humidity is high, it’s impossible to do anything – let alone exercise – but you can still practice with us. We heat the room from a high-volume, fresh-air supply. It’s never stuffy, and any airborne germs are whisked out. We regularly sterilize equipment, and we wash all mats on rotation.

If you’re new to Yogafurie then you can enjoy 30 days of unlimited Hot Yoga classes for just £30 (or 20 days for £20). When you arrive for your first class, tell the receptionist you bought your class from Facebook and you’ll get a handful of free electrolyte sachets to try (please check the ingredients for allergy info!)

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