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Kind Heart, Fierce Mind, Brave Spirit

Watch our Warrior video and learn the story behind the posture.

warrior 2

Warrior 2 helps us become strong and focused whilst also opening us up. We strengthen our legs, core and shoulders. At the same time we find space and flexibility in our thighs, groin, chest and shoulders. This way we can stand tall, open, steady and ready.

This pose has a beautiful story of love and hate. Watch our video above to find out it’s gory history.

If you suffer from neck problems you don’t need to turn the head to look down the front arm, you can look straight ahead. Also be careful with this pose if you suffer from high blood pressure.


Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Facing Dog

Baddha Konasana – Bound Angle Pose

Vrksasana – Tree

Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

warrior 2



Standing in Tadasana, step back with your right foot. Step back quite far, about a leg length and a half’s distance. Bend your left knee so that it’s directly above the ankle, or just a little behind. If your knee overshoots the ankle, slide your left foot further forwards until the knee is above the ankle.


Your left toes face forwards and your right toes are turned outwards in line with your knee, so that your back toes and back knee are facing the same direction. Your hips will be opened outwards to the side of the room.

Firm your right thigh and roll it outwards slightly to help strengthen your foundation and keep the knee in line with the toes. Keep the outside of the right foot actively pressing to the floor throughout this pose.


Inhale and raise your arms parallel to the floor at shoulder height with your palms facing downwards. Actively stretch out through the fingertips of both hands and at the same time draw the arms back into the shoulder sockets.

Keep the shoulders relaxed down the back.


Your torso stays directly above the hips, notice if your shoulders have leaned forwards to the left knee slightly. If they have bring your torso to vertical above the hips.

Keep a tone in the lower belly so that your lower back is long and supported and your lower ribs don’t flare out. Finally, if your neck feels good, look past your left fingertips in front.


Stay in Warrior 2 for up to 6 rounds of breath. To come out of this pose lengthen the front leg and step the back leg forwards whilst also bringing your hands to Anjali Mudra, coming back to standing in Tadasana. Repeat this pose on the other side.

warrior 2

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