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Vinyasa Yoga in Bristol

Be stronger and more flexible with Vinsaya Yoga in Bristol

Vinyasa Yoga can be translated from Sanskrit as “special placement” or “variation within specific parameters”. It refers to Yoga with a strong focus on breath linked with the body. In Vinyasa Yoga, breathing and moving are integrated. In a class you’d work to let your breath lead your movement. Vinyasa Yoga can also be called Vinyasa Flow. This emphasises the importance of a really full and even flow of breath. Typically you’ll flow through postures as well, moving evenly and breathing evenly.

Vinyasa Yoga classes provide the experience of breath moving with, and as, the body. They contain varied sequences that interlink postures and healthy breath, to help your body open and release through Yoga practice. Vinyasa is a class with continuous flow that can create a sensation of movement with breath as meditation.

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What are the benefits?

Vinyasa Yoga is typically a more active style of yoga, so you can expect to become strong, supple and flexible with regular practice. As Vinyasa is a breath-led practice, this can calm down the nervous system, helping to relieve stress and it’s physical symptoms of tension and shallow breath. With Vinyasa Yoga at Yogafurie, there’s always time to relax at the beginning and end of all classes, so you can feel the benefits of the Vinyasa practice and let them settle before getting off your mat.

Can anyone do it?

Yes. Anyone can. If you let the teacher know before the class if you’re completely new to Yoga or if you have any injuries, illnesses or limited movement, the Teacher will be able to adapt the class and provide variations so that you can also reap the benefits of a Vinyasa Yoga practice. At Yogafurie we also have access for disabled and wheelchair users.

Why is it for me?

In Vinyasa style classes, you can look forward to a flow of Yoga that will help you to stretch, strengthen, and energise you from the inside out. If you’re looking to start a Yoga practice, and like the idea of being active in a class, then this is a style to try.  Yogafurie offers Vinyasa Yoga in Bristol, this Yoga  not only helps us to become strong and supple, it helps us to manage the day to day stresses of modern life and to enjoy some “me-time”. If you’re looking for a Yoga class that still includes physical asana (postures) but isn’t as challenging,

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