For the past weeks, Ed has focused our yoga sessions around a philosophy of movement training called Anatomy Trains. This approach identifies muscles that connect and co-ordinate together to use the whole body to generate movement.

We have identified the various lines of power development critical for cricket performance. Each week we are focusing on a different train of muscles seeking to lengthen and strengthen along these lines of musculature. Once again Ed has been expert in his approach and the sessions have provided a valuable addition to our winter programme.

Strength and Conditioning Coach
Gloucestershire County Cricket

Yogafurie still great, seems to be attracting more guys! Is that true? Ha, which is nice/refreshing.........great atmosphere, great instructors, great and interesting other stuff – workshops, talks, its training reputation/delivery......all brilliant.

A Yogafurie Teacher Trainee

Yogafurie still great, seems to be attracting more guys! Is that true? Ha, which is nice/refreshing.........great atmosphere, great instructors, great and interesting other stuff – workshops, talks, its training reputation/delivery......all brilliant.


"I really have had an amazing time practicing yoga at Yogafurie...I think your yoga studio is fantastic, so friendly and I never feel self-conscious about what I'm doing. Please never change the vibe at Yogafurie!"


I love Yogafurie! The team are super friendly and welcoming, classes are equally friendly, and the benefits of hot yoga are undeniable. Most importantly for me, it's built up my strength so that I can (sort of) get my crazy hypermobility under control and improve my alignment. The music, enthusiastic teachers, and lovely room all make for great classes and a lovely atmosphere.


"The team are super friendly and welcoming, classes are equally friendly, and the benefits of hot yoga are undeniable"

New fan of Yoga

I never thought that yoga was for me, I come from a background of running, triathlon and high intensity workouts but following a lower back injury I have suffered pain for the last two years. After visiting a various Physiotherapists I was advised to try Yoga and after putting this off I finally found Yogafurie.

I was fairly sceptical about Hot Yoga but from meeting Ed and Sinead I realised they really know their stuff. I enjoy that each class is different and there is no pressure to do anything you are not comfortable with, also the guys are aware of what level of Yoga practice you are at and often give advice to help you improve.

If you are prepared to put the time in you can get great results as I no longer get any back pain. I have also found as an added bonus I am stronger my overall flexibility has improved hugely and it is a great way to set up for the day. I now practice 2-3 morning a week and has become part of my weekly routine.

I would highly recommend the team at Yogafurie whatever your reason for joining.


"I no longer get any back pain"

"I love coming to Yogafurie, I’m not amazing but it’s the trying I enjoy and have noticed lots of benefits. I’m more aware of my positioning, am conscious of movement and how small changes can make a difference. Teachers have always been very friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. Highlight of my week."


"Highlight of my week"

"I mentioned some time ago how positive I found Hot Yoga @ Yogafurie. My company health service from Nuffield had specifically advised yoga or pilates to look at core strength and spinal issues, as I was experiencing a straightening of my spine. The consequences of this would be serious. I needed to get my weight in better control, improve my idle stomach muscles and exercise my hamstrings which were pulling it straight, away from its natural "S" curve.

I've found Yogafurie has helped me lose a stone and a half and has brought an immediate improvement to my spine that is clearly visible on my latest spinal scans."


"Yogafurie has helped me lose a stone and a half"

"There is only one word for Yogafurie and that is Fantastic! I had not done yoga before and Yogafurie gave me a renewed energy and even got me into meditating which I have found to be a great help with my stressful job.

All the instructors are excellent and I would recommend Yogafurie classes to anyone."


"There is only one word for Yogafurie and that is Fantastic!"

"As a student, the low cost and flexibility of the classes has made Yoga accessible to me. The sessions are varied and have a clear focus, yet feel relaxed and welcoming. I can't recommend it highly enough!"


"I can't recommend it highly enough!"

"The sessions are well structured with a variety approaches to practising the classic Yoga movements. Every class focuses on diverse methods and body parts ensuring that the practice never becomes monotonous. Ed is a supportive teacher who works well with all the different levels in the class whilst challenging and motivating at all times.

I have been attending since May 2013 and feel that the classes have made a significant difference to my weight, flexibility and strength. I also feel that I will continue to make improvements and progress further in the future."


"Made a significant difference to my weight, flexibility and strength"

"I've had shoulder pain for the last two years, tried many interventions and even often using Tramacet (prescription medicine) as the pain and mobility limitations were unbearable. I started Yogafurie classes as a means of dealing with 'life' and after about an hour I felt my shoulder release...simply amazing! At first I thought this might be coincidence, or just the result of all the other interventions. I've also had lower back issues for 15 years but another release happened around two porblem vertebrae in my back during the next class. Previously this has only happened after expensive back treatment, so I now know that there was no coincidence - getting better is the result of Hot Yoga practice. I now have faith that I can heal myself. I can recommend Yogafurie to anyone who likes the self-help route to well being. Thank you so much Ed, you an amazing and inspiring Yoga teacher. I wish you well deserved success."


"An amazing and inspiring Yoga teacher"

"I have always had really tight hamstrings. I had tried loads of yoga and Pilates classes but always came out feeling very frustrated as there were certain things I just couldn't do and I didn't feel like I was ever making progress.

I decided to try the yogafurie classes with ed and found I responded well to his instructions so arranged to have some private lessons. I can honestly say that in just 3 lessons and a bit of stretching in my own time I could feel and see a significant difference in my flexibility.

Ed chose movements that would help me achieve my goals whilst also making sure that it was a balanced practice. Whilst he worked me hard, he was always extremely careful to make sure i never hurt or injured myself.

I always felt very safe and at ease and found him very respectful. He is very patient and explains things in a really clear way. If you don't understand he will always find another (sometimes funny) way of rephrasing it! It was also very convenient that we could hold the lessons at my house. I now feel really motivated to continue with the group classes and also have a personal program from ed to work on at home when I have time."


"I could feel and see a significant difference"

"I found the course really informative. It helped me to let go of some of my pre-conceived ideas of how to approach and work with people who are affected by cancer."

YCTT - HWP trainee

"Thank you so much for your support through this workshop. It has not only been a lesson from a yoga point of view but from a personal view too. You have inspired me to strive forward and see I can help people."

YCTT - HWP trainee

"Morven is a committed and compassionate educator with a wealth of knowledge and expertise which she shares with love and kindness...I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to work with cancer patients and their families"


"The course materials are really useful and will give us exactly what we need to take the work out into the world"


"Your breadth of experience and knowledge really came across and you provided such a safe and supportive space for working through our own challenges with cancer, yoga, teaching... Everyone always had time and space to speak and contribute to the teachings with their own experience and knowledge."


"While providing a good knowledge for starting to teach people affected by cancer, the course has also had a great impact on my acceptance of my own diagnosis. Just being with my tribe in my kind of world while in the midst of treatment was a great benefit. It has given me power back in myself and I can't thank you enough for providing this deeply rewarding experience. The teaching practice has given me confidence I was really lacking in to get started with teaching in time. "


"Highly organised, pre-communication and communication during the course was great. I felt prepared during the course but was not overwhelmed with materials."


"I loved the approach of experience together. Splitting out to smaller groups for a first discussion and then the optional sharing in the bigger group meant that we could bond easier, and also that we weren’t simply listening to a presentation but very much participated in the lesson discussions ourselves. You've been inspirational in your gentle, yet very informative and passionate approach."


"The idea to bring in two of the yoga for cancer group (past Yoga for Cancer group participants) and the opportunity for us to speak with them was a real advantage for me, as I was one of the students who have not been affected by cancer yet; and hearing right from the source is always the best way to learn."


" I loved the two rounds of teaching practicums, it gives you a very safe space to practice. The discussions around the different topics where we split out in smaller groups was also really enjoyable, as we could spend a little time sharing our own ideas / understanding, learnt from each other and afterwards learnt from the bigger group and your experience. I also LOVED the ambience you created, including the atmosphere, the discussion topics and your braveness in approach. "


Course content: "Excellent - I really felt I learned a lot. There was a good mix of group work, theory and teaching. Though I thought "oh no!" when I had to teach two sessions it was well worth it. We also learned so much from each other. "


"A good mix of theory and practice - you kept everyone so engaged! "


"I feel so much more prepared to teach cancer students than I was prior to the course. Thank you for that gift... "


"A* teaching, very insightful and attentive, and so much experience to offer. "


"Since I started yogafurie, my skin elasticity and radiance have improved as well as my body shape.

I have attended various classes of yoga over the last 10 years and this one is the one that suits me best.

Sweating is a satisfying feeling at all levels, getting rid of toxins, opening up your pores, stretching your muscles and above all movements that I couldn't do before , you can feel the progress between the start and the end of the class.

Ed's classes are gentle, at a good pace combining breathing and movements. The environment is safe, friendly light and airy. Ed responds to everyone's needs. At the end of sessions, he always gives insightful reflections on yoga philospophy.

A fab way to start your week gently and full of lights.

A refreshing experience."


"My skin elasticity and radiance have improved"