Teacher training stories

The Story of a Support Worker

James' Yoga Teacher Training Story

James, a caring, warm and professional Support Worker, joined Yogafurie Hot Yoga classes in 2014. He went on a journey of self discovery through Hot Yoga, and joined Yogafurie Academy Yoga Teacher Training in 2018.

Now a teacher at Yogafurie, and a Mentor and Course Instructor for our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, James has kindly shared his story and experience with us.

The Inside Scoop

Joy's Yoga Practice Diary

Whilst studying with us, you write your own personal practice diary as you progress through the course.

Joy, a graduate from Yogafurie Academy 200 Hour, a Hot Yoga Teacher with us and now our Teacher Training Coordinator has kindly volunteered her Teacher Training diary to offer a unique insight into a Teacher Trainee’s progression throughout the course!

A fantastic way for you to really learn what to expect whilst on your Yoga Teacher Training journey.

Lou's Story

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James' Yoga Teacher Training Story

James is a General Manager of a well known, national restaurant chain. Working in hospitality comes with plenty of challenge! Long hours, often working late into the evening, and of course, keeping a level head with all situations that can arise.

With a background in martial arts, James was drawn to the practice of Yoga. Having spoken with a good friend of his who works for Yogafurie, he discovered Yogafurie’s 200 hour Teacher Training course in Bristol.


The Story of a Doctor (GP)

Lisa's Story

Lisa is a highly trained, skilled and caring Doctor working in Bristol. Coming from a strong background in medicine and science, Lisa has been helping our country stay healthy. Both before and during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Having taken part in various Yoga classes, Lisa couldn’t help but notice the abundance of physical and mental benefits. After taken her Yoga Teacher Training with Yogafurie, Lisa has kindly offered to share her story of Yogafurie Academy’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course.

The Story of a Self-Employed Business Coach

Wendy's Story

Wendy is a self-employed professional, helping small, local business’ learn how to grow whilst staying true to their goals and values.

Wendy joined Yogafurie Academy Yoga Teacher Training Bristol in January of 2020. Showing such dedication and perseverance throughout the upheaval of 2020, Wendy found even more benefits in her Yoga practice and her success in Yoga Teacher Training. Here, Wendy shares her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training story with you.


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