Teacher Trainee Stories: A Self-Employed Business Coach’s Story

Wendy is a self-employed professional, helping small, local business’ learn how to grow whilst staying true to their goals and values.

Wendy joined Yogafurie Academy Yoga Teacher Training Bristol in January of 2020. Showing such dedication and perseverance throughout the upheaval of 2020, Wendy found even more benefits in her Yoga practice and her success in Yoga Teacher Training. Here, Wendy shares her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training story with you.

What was it about Yoga that made you want to learn more?

“The ability to feel inside my body; how I wanted to learn how to connect the dots within me to make a flow work or to feel a posture work that much deeper. And also gain more knowledge of yoga.”

Did you aim to teach afterwards or was this a journey to deepen your knowledge about Yoga?

“Yes, I wanted to teach afterwards and I was looking for a yoga Teacher Training where I can learn and deepen my knowledge and practice.”

How did you feel the moment that you signed up to Yoga Teacher Training?

“I felt fearful and nervous but very excited too. Wondering how I could fit it all in. But I also had butterflies in my stomach thinking about developing my Yoga journey.”

What is your favourite learning that you will take away with you? Do you have any new / unique areas of interest since the Yoga instructor training?

“Practice, practice, practice.  I listened and took my practice to another level, on average practicing Yoga 10 hours a week during the course.  It was active learning too where I soaked up the teaching techniques, the styles, the layout, the words that were used, like a sponge, whilst I practiced.”

“In asanas, being able to connect the dots through body, mind and movement resulting in a much deeper experience.  Being able to drop into mediation much quicker and being able to be more calm and still in a shorter space of time.”

Do you teach Yoga now? How do you enjoy the experience of teaching Yoga?

“I knew I wanted to teach, and teach well so I forced myself to organise my first class the first month of the course!  It took me a while to get organised with my first class end of February (2nd month in the Yoga Teacher Training Bristol).  I am now teaching online over zoom with face-to-face when normality returns.”

“Interestingly, I get really worried and hyped up days before I teach a class; some days I am full of anxiety. I also find myself spending quite a bit of time lesson planning and prepping and its taking more time than I would like.   But once I am on the mat, my worries and anxiety disappears. I feel I am on cloud 9 once class finishes and my negative thinking all melts away. I hope the more I get used to lesson planning, my prepping time would reduce.”

What is different about your life now than when you started Yoga Teacher Training Bristol?

“I feel more structured in my routine.  I feel much, much more stronger and flexible.  It has helped my greatly in my running and Tae Kwon Do.  Some days I do feel calmer, and some days I don’t.  I feel much more connected during a Yoga session as I know what the teachers are talking about and I can relate more to the practice.”

What was your favourite thing about the Yoga Teacher Training course with Yogafurie Academy?

“The asanas and methodically breaking each asana down to get a full experience of it.  The stories of the Gods and Goddesses.  Learning and practicing the bandhas.”

Is there anything else you would like to offer up as a reflection on this journey?

“My learning didn’t all dependent on Yogafurie.  I had to read and self practice in my own time too. “

“I kept asking myself questions how I felt, how I moved, how can I connect my muscles to gain a deeper connection every time I practiced.”

Wendy’s story highlights how, with the right support, a busy, self-employed professional and mother, can stay committed to her Yoga Teacher Training journey even throughout the life upheaval of 2020.

Yogafurie is a Yoga Academy that supports you throughout the course and onwards. We offer extra support and help throughout life disruptions, and if you would like to find out more, follow this link to our 200 Hour Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Training Bristol.

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