Yogafurie Academy – Our 2016 Course

Roundup of Our 2016 Teacher Training Course

2016 was an unforgettable journey for everyone involved in The Academy Program. We practiced from the full range of Hatha disciplines. Experts from many Yoga-related fields dropped in to help – mindfulness, fascia bodywork, a research scientist working with the human nervous system, a Sanskrit scholar from Bristol University, and a Bhakti Yogi among several others. We learned a lot about Yoga!

Teacher Training 2016
Yogafurie Teacher training, celebrating the closing afternoon!

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From Student to Teacher with the Yogafurie Academy

Yogafurie Academy – from Student to Teacher

Jodie Withyman and Kate Samways both graduated the 2016 Yogafurie Academy Teacher Training course, and both now teach Hot Yoga with Yogafurie. I asked them what it felt like to move from student to teacher, and whether they had any thoughts to share with others who are thinking of teacher training.

Froim Student to Teacher
Yogafurie Academy Students Learn and Practice the Philosophical Aspect to Yoga

Kate Samways

“So it’s been about two or three months since I finished my qualification and I’m about to teach my fifth Hot Yoga class. It’s been a really interesting transition, going from teacher training to teaching real punters, who will come with real injuries, and who offer real suggestions and comments. I’ve found that in fact a really positive step because I’m still learning – and now in the most practical way.

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Yogafurie Launches the Teacher Training Academy!

Our youngest academy member demonstrates an important point with reference to our anatomical skeleton
Our youngest academy member demonstrates an important point with reference to our anatomical skeleton

Yogafurie formally launches The Academy, building on the success of our teacher training program.

Our stand at the OM Yoga Show in London will be busy with enquiries, with what small amounts of practice we can incorporate in the show environment, and with fun competitions for everyone.

Yogafurie Launches the Academy

Come and see us at stand E20, and test your postures with our plank-a- thon (or chaturanga-a-thon for the truly hardcore), or go for the longest and loudest OM! We’ll be practicing simple kryias and breath exercises too if you just need to drop out of the hustle and bustle for a while.