Summer Sweatfest Challenge and Little Hero Charity

From John:

So I am 3 sessions in now and on track for my ‘warm up act’ target! I would have aimed for more but having had nearly 18 months away from the studio baby steps is my approach!

I am glad too, session 1 was a big eye opener! Despite the recent heat wave, it is still surprising how hot the studio can feel when you first enter. Whilst I quickly acclimatized, it is fair to say my yoga (and balance) was a little rusty and I had forgotten all the little extras that make all the difference, specifically a water bottle and hand towel! So whist thoroughly enjoyable, I was definitely a wobbly and unnaturally sweaty student with envious eyes on the many water bottles surrounding me! 

After such a long time, it was really good to get back into the studio. I was a little nervous as I had not been in since Will my son had been diagnosed, so it was definitely a little emotional to return. That said, once I had gotten over my initially exhaustion and self-inflicted dehydration, I was pleased to again experience the jump in energy levels and contentment I remembered from before.

Now three sessions in and I am pleased to see how quickly the steadiness and flexibility is returning. Although whilst thoroughly entertaining to try, Aaron’s hand stands are still a little way off!

A big thank you to Ed, the teams and everyone taking part, the response has been fantastic. I am in slight awe of those averaging 4 sessions a week, intense and where do you find the time! I barely make it in to work that long! 

We are setting up Little Hero in memory of our son Will who died earlier this year following an intense 9 month battle with an aggressive brain tumour. We are raising funds to support other families in treatment and finance research into new treatments. I am pleased to say we have already made our first grant of £30,000 into a study to determine the origins of Group 3&4 Medulloblastoma (Will’s variety). This will fund the study for 6 months and is an essential step if researchers are to created future tailored treatments. 

Please also keen an eye out for “Pop up yoga”!!! We will be running a couple of pop up and outdoor yoga events at famous Bristol landmarks over the summer. These will be announced on social media a couple of days before the event to ensure good weather with the first event planned to take place at Clifton Observatory. The cost will be only £5 with all funds going to Little hero. Keep an eye out for any announcements.

If you would like to make a donation you can here. And if you want to reap the same feelings of benefit from hot yoga, you can book your space via our hot yoga timetable!

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