There’s more to it than just touching your toes! Uttanasana (Forward Fold)

Stretch your legs with Uttanasana – Forward Fold

You’ll never be bent out of shape again when you get to grips with Uttanasana (Forward Fold). Hamstring stretches, like Forward Fold, have developed in to one of the classic indicators of someone’s flexibility; if you can touch your toes, then you’re flexible!

But Forward Fold is not just about touching your toes to the detriment of your posture. There’s so much more involved and it’s good to spend time working in your Forward Fold.


An often overlooked pose, Sinead shows us how to good quality forward fold
An often overlooked pose, Sinead shows us how to good quality forward fold

Sinead’s how-to guide on Uttanasana

This forward fold pose is great for stretching the calves,hamstrings and hips and strengthening the thighs. This can help to calm the brain, improve digestion and stimulate liver and kidneys.
If you have a back injury or an injury to the backs of the legs, make sure you keep your knees bent all the way through this pose, or only bend half way with your hands on the wall.

Preparatory poses for Forward Fold

Here are a few poses which help warm you up to Forward Fold. Here are some links to Youtube videos that might help you with those poses to get ready for Forward Fold:
Reclined Big Toe Pose – Supta Padangusthasana
Downward Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana
Deep Forward Fold – Paschimottanasana

Step by step guide

Step One

Start in Tadasana hands on hips, feel your feet evenly spread across the floor, engage the front of your thighs and your abdominal muscles, and take a deep inhale. With the exhale start to bend forward from your hips, not from the waist.
You can land your hands on the floor or on bricks and have the knees slightly bent.

Step Two

Take an inhale with knees still bent, draw your shoulder blades towards each other and let your breastbone shine forwards. With the exhale keep that length you have found in the front of your torso and bend further forward from the hips, you can lengthen the legs here if you feel comfortable. Notice if your upper spine arches backwards, if it does you want to either bring your hands higher up on bricks or keep your knees bent.
Hold this pose for 6 deep breaths, feeling the body soften further with each exhale.

Step Three

To exit the pose you can place hands back on hips or (keeping your back straight) bring arms with ears and inhale to come back to upright.

We’ll be practicing in class this week, so come along and have a go

Give it a go! Remember it’s not all about touching your toes, so don’t worry if you can’t just yet.


forward fold

Best of luck with your practice! We’d love to see your pose on our FacebookTwitter or Instagram with the hashtag #yfweeklypose

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