Sinead’s Pose of the Week 2: Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose)

How to improve your Bound Angle Pose

Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose) is a great stretch for the inner thighs, groin and knees. Sinead talks us through the do’s and do not do’s of the Bound Angle Pose.

As one of the poses that students are introduced to early on in their yoga journey, this can be mistaken as a simple and uncomplex pose. There’s more than meets the eye here!

The Bound Angle Pose is said to help stimulate the abdominal organs, bladder, kidneys and ovaries and prostate gland. It can also help to soothe menstrual discomfort.


Give Baddha Konasana a go and post your pose of the week pic to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter #yfposeoftheweek
Give Baddha Konasana a go and post your pose of the week pic to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter #yfposeoftheweek

Sinead’s tips on Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose)

Step One

Start seated on your mat (or in this case, the table) and bring your heels in towards your groin, insides of the feet together. If your hips feel tight or your knees feel like they might start to get a bit sore, you can prop yourself up on a block or a blanket etc for added height and extra room for the hips. Bring your hands to your feet and hold on to the soles with your thumbs and have the fingers on the topside of each foot. Then start to open the soles of the feet like a book, helping the knees to lower to the floor. Always keep the outer edges of your feet on the floor.

Step Two

From here start to think into your upper body. We want the shoulder blades firm against the back and the collar bone area to be widening. From here we start to lift the sternum, helping the front of the torso to become long and create space for deep breaths.

It’s a good idea to breathe slowly and purposefully here. Let the breath help the inner thighs to relax and release in the pose. You don’t want to be pushing your knees down, just letting the body slowly relax open with time and practice. You can stay in this pose for as long as is comfortable too!

Step Three

To exit the Bound Angle Pose, lift the chest to upright and use the hands to help lift the knees back upwards. Then you can straighten the legs along the mat.

Watch out for…

Be careful if you suffer from a groin, knee or inner thigh injury, this pose needs to be practiced with caution.

And remember if your knees are super high above your hips and your back is rounded, it would really help the pose to sit on a bit of extra height so that the chest can lengthen and the hips have more of an opportunity to release.


Practice at home and in class

All of our classes this week will feature the Bound Angle Pose to give you a chance to attempt your pose with added coaching from our Yogafurie teachers. Feel free to grab a teacher after class if you’d like a bit more of a demonstration of the Bound Angle Pose.

In class, we tend to move from pose to pose with a degree of pace. If you’d like to work on your Bound Angle Pose specifically, you can always attempt the pose at home at your own pace.


Why not share a pic of your Bound Angle Pose?

bound angle pose


Best of luck with your practice! We’d love to see your Bound Angle pose on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #yfweeklypose

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