COVID-19 and how Yogafurie can help

We are a family run Yoga & Hot Yoga studio. And we’re also more than that. We’re passionate about people’s health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally. And this is especially useful at this time. We are committed to offering ancient and authentic practices that are backed by science to help you take care of your health and wellbeing.

This is a unique time that we live in and it feels the entire world population is doing all that we can to assist our families, friends, loved ones, neighbours, communities and strangers.



Why practice yoga regularly?

A regular Yoga practice greatly improves a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. After just one session you can expect to feel balanced, happy, calm and more resilient to the challenges of the day.

When practiced regularly, this feeling of calm and steadiness is more easily accessed throughout the day. And we train our bodies and our minds to become more robust, supple and resilient. Overall, we can experience a felt sense of well-being to take us through this unique and challenging time.


Don’t know much about Yoga? Not sure how to practice Yoga at home?

No problem, we are here to support you with this. Yogafurie’s values are based on inclusivity and authenticity. We are passionate about supporting everyone to find a Yoga practice that suits their health needs.

You will find a range of styles on offer with Yogafurie. If you’re new to Yoga, try our Slow Flow, Yin, Dreamtime styles online. A fantastic way to get started and begin feeling the benefits.

If you’re not new to Yoga but you aren’t sure about setting up a home practice, try our Classic Furie and Fierce Furie styles, which offer a perfect mix of challenge and relaxation to help you build on your basics and develop much further.

And we also offer a meditation and nidra section to help you dive into a meditative practice for peace and mental health.


So what does this look like?

From the very day we made the decision to end public classes, we made a promise to offer a new Yoga practice online, on demand, every day. And we did! For just over 3 weeks from the 18th March, Yogafurie remained committed to our promise of sending a new Yoga practice to your inbox.

In the background we have been digging deep, researching new platforms, endlessly testing technology and searching for a solution that better suited the needs of everyone.

We are now offering a new and exciting platform of Yoga classes! For those that need structure, we are offering Live Classes online every day. So you never have to go through a day and realise you never put that time aside for yourself!

And for those that can’t meet at specific times, these Live Classes are then immediately saved and made available to pick up and practice at any time! On Demand Yoga practices still exist for anyone with a fluid schedule. (And for anyone who loved the live class so much they just want to do it again the next day!)


How do I get access to these online classes?

The platform we have selected is beautifully simple and easy to use. All you need to do is log in and you will see the entire library of On Demand Yoga practices organised into categories based on style of Yoga practice. So you can easily find the style you’re in the mood for each day.

You will also be able to see the next Live Class scheduled and can access the live event by simply clicking the play button at the time the event is due to start.

Take a look at our Online Yoga Platform here.


Currently we are offering a Founders Member’s price of £20 a month. This subscription provides you with full access to our Live and On Demand Yoga classes. What this means for you is 9 new Yoga classes each week that never expire. You can become a part of a growing online Yoga community that offers quality Yoga and meditations daily.

We have a limited number of Founders Member subscriptions on offer so please use the above link to take advantage!