Rehome / Recycle & Upgrade Your Old Yoga Mat

Receive £5 off new Yoga equipment with us by trading in your old mat

We will recycle your old Yoga mat or rehome to charity

Friday 13th November - Friday 11th December

Has your Yoga mat seen better days? Are you in the market for a new Yoga mat, or Yoga equipment and you’re not sure what you can do with your old stuff?

Bring your old Yoga mat to us at our studio. We will give it a thorough clean and gift to charity or recycle the mat for you.

In return, you receive £5 off a spend of £30 on Yoga equipment:
  • Yoga mats
  • Yoga bricks
  • Yoga blocks
  • Yoga belts
  • Yoga bolsters
  • Hot Yoga mat towels 

Due to COVID, we can offer specific days and times for you to come to drop off your old mat and collect your brand new gear! Starting from 10am – 4pm every Friday from Friday 13th November for 4 weeks. We can offer other times too, get in touch to arrange.

How do I do it?

You can simply turn up on any Friday between 10-4 or at a pre-arranged time with your old mat and purchase your new equipment with the discount.

Or if you know what you want already, order online and we’ll refund you the discount when you drop off your mat!

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