Hot Yoga Membership & Payment Options

New to Yogafurie?

Convenient Hot Yoga when you can make it.

Drop in Class

One class, one price
£ 14 Single Payment
  • A Hot Yoga class
  • Any class that suits you

20 for £20

New to Yogafurie?
£ 20 Single Payment
  • Unlimited Hot Yoga classes for your first 20 days
  • Schedule flexibility

30 for £30

New to Yogafurie?
£ 30 Single Payment
  • Unlimited Hot Yoga classes for your first 30 days
  • Schedule flexibility


Get your regular fix of Hot Yoga with our recurring payment memberships. We have flexible options so you can come to classes that work with your schedule.

If you’re currently on a Dusk Thru Dawn membership, you can trial an All You Can Heat month with our top up for £10. Call us for details or email the team.

If you join a monthly Hot Yoga membership, you can enjoy full access to our online Yoga platform for a bolt on of just £10 extra a month.

Only one month’s notice to cancel. Cancellation can be given after your first month.

All You Can Heat

Need more flexibility in your classes?
£ 69 Monthly
  • Attend as many Hot Yoga classes as you like
  • 20 classes each week to choose from
  • Schedule flexibility
  • 3 months cancellation notice

Dusk Thru Dawn

First and last class of the day membership
£ 59 Monthly
  • As many classes as you like from the times below
  • Monday - Friday 6:30am - 7:30am
  • Monday - Thursday 7:45pm - 9:00pm
  • Friday 6:15pm - 7:30pm

One class per week

One class, per week
£ 49 Monthly
  • One class per week
  • Any class that suits you
  • Schedule flexibility
  • 3 months cancellation notice

Hot & Flexible Membership

Our most flexible membership yet!
£ 79 Monthly
  • Unlimited Hot Yoga Classes
  • No notice period, cancel anytime
  • Absolute flexibility!

All You Can Heat 10 Class Pass

Flexibility when you need it
£ 120 Single Payment
  • Attend any 10 Hot Yoga classes within 3 months
  • Full flexibility, come to class whenever you can!

Online Membership bolt on for hot yogis

Yoga & Hot Yoga online and in person
£ 10 Monthly
  • Applies to monthly recurring memberships above
  • Enjoy Hot Yoga in real life, and Yoga online anytime anywhere!

Concession Memberships

These work the same as our recurring payment options. Proof required for each discounted membership, please email to arrange.

Critical workers

All You Can Heat
£ 62 Monthly
  • Part of the NHS, fire brigade or police? Enjoy a discount on our All You Can Heat membership to help you fit Hot Yoga around your working schedule.


£10 discount
£ 10 Discount
  • Are you on JSA, registered disabled, or a registered carer of someone who is? Enjoy £10 off Dusk Thru Dawn or All You Can Heat memberships.

student discount

£10 off
£ 10 Discount
  • Are you studying full time at College or University?
    Enjoy £10 off Dusk Thru Dawn or All You Can Heat memberships.


All You Can Heat
£ Contact for information
  • Are you attending Hot Yoga classes with your partner? Enquire with us today to discover more about our Couple's Membership.
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