Pilates in Bristol

Yogafurie is a hub of Holistic excellence in Bristol.

 In Studio 2, you’ll find a selection of Bristol’s best yoga and Pilates teachers, all teaching their individual styles and giving their experience on these ancient practices

Booking and paying for your ‘non-hot’ yoga and Pilates class is very simple:

  1. Pick the class that you’d like to attend (the Teacher Profile below shows class prices)
  2. Contact the teacher with the contact details in the Teacher Profile to book your spot
  3. Come along, pay your teacher directly and enjoy the class!

This week's classes

Teacher profiles


The Body Workshop

Our instructor Charlotte Clarke has a real passion for movement and is continuously discovering new layers of what the body can do and how it can move. Charlotte has a BA in Dance studies and her Comprehensive Pilates Training Course was affiliated with the world renowned Alan Herdman. Charlotte is also a level 1 Franklin Method educator.

Our philosophy is:

‘Through Pilates we want to help you find the best possible movement strategies and balance so that your mind and body can achieve their full potential.’

Pilates with us will allow you to focus on your Mind and Body. Our classes will give you time and space to concentrate on how you move and breathe.

Pilates allows you to find calm within yourself and to take time away from your busy schedule to focus on YOU.

We want to empower you to experience:

• Efficient movement
• Pain free movement
• Enjoyable movement
• Ease of movement

Mon | 07:00pm – 08:00pm

Thu | 07:00pm – 08:00pm

£8 for first class

£10.50 drop-in

£45 for 5 classes

£80 for 10 classes

Vicky Woodington

Pilates for All

I started practising Pilates over 10 years ago and loved the strength and awareness it gave me.  I had a very demanding job at the time and whenever I had days where I felt physically and mentally exhausted I would escape by practising Pilates and I felt better and more energised.  I then had my two children and I re-evaluated my work life balance.  I decided I should turn my passion of Pilates into my job, so I did and here I am! Over 6 years on and I have never looked back.

Pilates helped me through my pregnancy, postnatally and still offers me that much needed escapism at times.  I love working with the vast range of clients I have.  I always strive to make my classes accessible, challenging, friendly and varied.

Thu | 09:30am – 10:30am

£8.50 drop-in

Interested in hiring studio 2?

How are you currently fixed for a venue for your yoga or Pilates classes? Are you looking for a bespoke holistic studio that your customers will love?

We’re offering Studio 2 for hire by teachers and holistic practitioners. Yogafurie is all about attracting the best talent in Bristol for Yoga, Hot Yoga and Pilates. There’s something incredible that happens when so many people of varied experience levels all come together under one studio!

interested in hiring

What's included in your space hire

  • Remarkable venue for teaching inc. dimmer lights and underfloor heating
  • A very easy to find location for your students
  • Wheelchair accessible facilities
  • Shower/changing facilities for you and your students
  • Comfortable, open social area for your students to grab healthy refreshments
  • Flexible start/finish times
  • Your booking advertised here on our timetable
  • Utilities and internet included in your hire

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