Our Family based classes at Yogafurie!

Read below for a breakdown of all our family, antenatal, postnatal, mum & baby and kids Yoga classes

At Yogafurie we are a hub of experienced teachers with a wide range of teaching skills. At the same time we’re a family business, so we know how much family means to everyone. That’s why we hold such a wide range of Pregnancy and Family based classes all year round to keep the family healthy. Just a side note, all these classes are held in a cool, normal temperature room!

Health is an important issue, not just for our grown ups, but for the little ones as well! Start them on the right track as soon as you can to help them reap the mental and physical benefits of a yoga practice. All the classes held are safe, practical and enjoyable for everyone involved.

hot yoga open day

Below is a breakdown of each class that we hold each week that you, or your little ones, might really benefit from:


Wednesady 7 – 8pm Pregnancy Yoga with Rebecca

Juliet Pregnancy Pilates 2

Mum and Baby:

Friday 11am – 12pm Mum and Baby Yoga with Rebecca



We’re currently looking for a qualified and dedicated Kids Yoga instructor to hold classes at our studio.

If you know of anyone please do get in touch!

Dom Yoga

If you'd like to learn more about Yogafurie and what we do, then get in touch

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