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Online Yoga Teacher Training

Comprehensive and life-changing Yoga Teacher Training

At Yogafurie, we offer a popular and successful Yoga teacher training online class platform. This works well for classes, and we wondered whether it could work for Teacher Training also?

To find out, we identified the essential features of a high-quality learning environment. For Yogafurie, these are:

  • Accessibility – no barriers to access learning.
  • Level playing field – give everyone an equal voice in discussions.
  • Small groups – ensure that no one “gets lost in the crowd”.
  • Working together – create positive, dynamic interaction between instructor and individuals, and between students.
  • Community and support network – encourage the group to help each other.
  • High-quality communication – students have time and space to articulate thoughts and reactions.
  • Student-centred – the student, and her or his Yoga teacher training online journey, are at the heart of how the course runs.
  • Creative teaching – give course leaders a flexible framework so they can be at their best for students.

Technology-independent – never assume that students have access to expensive electronics.

In-Person Compared to Online Yoga Teacher Training

Then we compared in-person and online with regard to Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Training for each of these. Here’s what we came up with:


Yogafurie already offered support for dyslexia and is wheel-chair accessible.

Small Groups

Yogafurie has and always had an upper limit of 14 attendees, despite having space for more.

Working Together

Group discussion happens naturally and spontaneously. Also, easy to break out into small groups.

Community and Support Network

Face-to-face contact stimulates conversations, people share experiences and get to know each other.

High Quality Communication

Body language and group energy tend to engage people even when they are not actually speaking.


Easy to get to know students and to provide regular feedback and assistance.

Creative Teaching

Teachers can use screens, flipcharts, whiteboards, post-its on the wall. Teachers can use the space around them.

Technology Independent

Students need no access to technology and no internet connection.

online yoga teacher training
Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Transform Your Life with Yoga Teacher Training

It was clear to us that in-person was definitely the way forward. Despite the convenience of an online program, the quality of the learning would suffer. However, there are definitely some benefits to working online in the table above.

The answer for Yogafurie is that online yoga teacher training can work in a support role. For instance, during the lockdowns, we provided lots of interesting sessions for trainees to help them keep learning and keep their practice alive. These free sessions weren’t part of the course itself, but gave them useful extra background information and practice help. The in-person courses were extended, so that no one would lose any of their valuable face-to-face learning time.

You can read more about how Yogafurie Teacher Training ran during lockdown on our website – simply click and scroll down to see. We feel that have the right balance: for the sake of quality, courses runs in-person. Where it might help – for instance, during a lockdown – Yogafurie provides additional free online yoga training sessions and classes to further boost trainee knowledge and confidence.

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