Nurture Your Gut with Yoga and Nutrition

19th September 2020

10am – 12pm Online via Zoom

Sinead Duncan of Yogafurie and Emma Dawson of Nutritional Balance are thrilled to be combining expertise to bring you THE one of its kind bespoke Yoga and Nutrition Workshop to love your gut!


Our guts work so hard to look after us, to break down the food we eat, give energy, support our mood and protect from infection.

A healthy digestive system is core to overall wellbeing, mental health, energy, focus and a robust immune system.

Workshop Content

Through yoga and nutrition you will learn how to nurture your gut, support digestion, reduce bloating and feel content.

The Yoga

You will be taken through a slow and gentle Yoga practice to invite ease and calm your nervous system. This will be followed by a deeply comforting and nourishing relaxation practice, Yoga Nidra, to help combat any residual anxiety and tension and allow your gut to feel fully relaxed. The best state for optimum digestion! All Yoga in this workshop is open to complete beginners, absolutely no experience necessary.


Did you know that gut bacteria affect our ability to form new brain cells so poor gut health impacts on our memory and our mood? Alongside this the majority of our immune system is in the gut so a robust digestive system is vital for immunity. At this workshop you will discover how to promote digestion, your 'beneficial' bacteria, combat bloating and anxiety. This will support your mood, your memory and a robust immune system - perfect timing for the Autumn. Options for vegans and vegetarians included throughout. If you have any other food requirements please advise in advance and they will be incorporated.

GDPR and Privacy

The workshop will be recorded so you will be able to listen to it again in your own time. If you want to remain entirely anonymous you can change your name in zoom.  We ask that all personal details such as emails are not given in the chat – we will provide links so you can contact us outside of the workshop.


The investment in your health and wellbeing for this 2 hour workshop with the recording to take away is £27. If you are a Yogafurie Member, a client of Emma Dawson, or a member of Women Mean Biz you can join us for £20. Get in touch to claim your discount code.

Booking and Payment

You can book your space through our Hot Yoga timetable. Simply head to 19th September in our Hot Yoga timetable and hit the book button. You can also hit the button below to purchase your space on the workshop.

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