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A course dedicated to developing front splits capability.

  • 8-9:30AM 23/6, 30/6, 14/7, 21/7.
  • Attend them all or drop in to one or more: learn tried and tested techniques and tips to develop movement and openness.

See below for costs, read the rest of the article for more info about the posture and the course.

 Looks difficult! Why would you do that?

Hanumanasana – pose dedicated to Hanuman, front splits – is both one of the scariest and one of the most rewarding postures at the same time. You don’t have to get into full splits to feel and enjoy the benefits of working your body like this. Wherever you are with this body position, you can experience a deep and satisfying stretch in your hamstrings, groins, your thighs and your hip flexors. This is often exactly what runners and cyclists need.

But my hamstrings (and/ or hip flexors) are tight!

You’re not alone…! There are lots of postures and exercises that we use to explore and increase our range of movement. These developmental steps are called kramas. Even the most seasoned practitioner will run through some or all of the kramas to warm themselves up for full splits practice. We will take you through the ones that have proved most useful in our own journey with this posture.

How long will it take?

With practice, and with guidance from other people who’ve already worked through it, progress comes quickly. Depending on your start point, and how much you practice between sessions, you could drop fully into the posture during the course. It can take longer, and that’s when it’s really helpful to have the course toolkit of exercises and movements that you can keep practicing to keep you moving forward.

What happens on the course?

Muscles don’t really get any longer. However, the tissues around muscles can soften and hydrate, resulting in an increased range of movement. At Yogafurie, we’ve been through this process already. We’ll share the tips, techniques, exercises, and movement flows that most helped us.

The course takes a structured approach to this tissue re-development process, and you’ll build on your knowledge week by week. However, you can also drop in for individual sessions if you can’t make the whole course. See below for dates, times and prices!

More info about the course

The Yogafurie course runs for four weeks, 8AM-9:30AM on Saturday 23/6, 30/6, 14/7 and 21/7. Each class lasts 90 minutes and runs at 42oC.

The costs are as follows:

  • Yogafurie member (rolling monthly membership or 10 class pass) – £60 for the whole course.
  • Everyone else – £72 for the whole course.
  • Anyone can attend a single session for £20.


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