Mates Rates @ Yogafurie in Bristol

What’s the deal?

So, you’ve told your friends all about Yogafurie Hot Yoga and they’d love to try it. And they can, for just £7 each! When you bring your friend, they can have their first class for £7.

What do we have to do?

Your friend will have to register on our system. That can be done here at the studio, or ahead of time via our app or the Registration page on our website.

Tell the receptionist when you arrive that you want to do Mates Rates. If you forget to tell the receptionist and end up paying full price, don’t worry. Your friend can have their next class for £7 instead. The receptionist can’t refund if you accidentally pay full price, but the offer would carry over for your friend.

Who can buy it?

Everyone new to the studio can buy one class for £7 with a friend who is a member. You’re a member if you have a rolling monthly membership.

Find out more – call or email for details.

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