New set for Intermediate Hot Yoga

We’re going to work on the following in our intermediate Hot Yoga classes (Weds 7:45PM)


  • Bhujipidasana – shoulder pressing pose
  • Tittibhasana – insect pose
  • Hanumansana – front splits
  • Mayurasana – peacock pose
  • Pincha mayurasana – feathered peacock pose

Mastering these was difficult for me personally. In the end, I found that I had to stop trying to do them, and instead look at what body actions were missing, what did I need to develop in order to make progress?


There were some simple exercises that I found helped tremendously. We’ve been working on them in the intermediate class over August. Now we are going to check in these postures.


Some people have a hatha-yoga body: foe some people, postures come very easily. If that’s you, come and join us to practice your favourite intermediate hot yoga postures! For others, it takes a lot of work to progress. If that’s you, come and join us too! We will take it slowly, learn the appropriate use of equipment – this can really make the difference in the early stages.


Read more about our systematic approach over August – click this link


Yogafurie’s Meta Yoga Blog


See you next Wednesday!


PS Arm balance postures can be extra challenging in Hot classes, because our arms are sweaty and it’s difficult to stay steady. So it’s recommended you bring a couple of spare hand towels. Happy practicing…

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