You’re perhaps planning your exercise goals for the New Year, and you might wonder if there’s one thing that helps lose weight, boost strength, improve grace and range of movement and reduce stress/ improve sleep.

Sadly, there isn’t. But you can – very simply – create the right conditions for all of these to happen together.

The latest research into diet, longevity and exercise indicates that the right combination of factors can bring all these benefits. You can read more on the Yogafurie blog – in a nutshell your perfect exercise combination is

  • Heat
  • Mindful and dynamic Yoga
  • Eating carefully

Can Yoga be mindful and dynamic? Yes – when we focus on breath. Your Yogafurie instructor will carry you through the warmth of the class on your breath. You’ll leave relaxed and invigorated, knowing that you’ve worked quite hard. We have a range of different temperatures in our classes, to suit a range of exercise temperaments! From Glow classes at 30ºC, through Freedom Flow and Dreamtime flow with nidra at 35°C, to Classic, Fierce and Deep classes at 42°C, you’ll find something to suit  your exercise goals every day.

Drop in for a Yogafurie Hot Yoga class for just £12. Or, have 30 consecutive days of Hot Yoga at only £30, or 20 days for £20. Contact us for further info!

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