I'm very pleased with the course and the amount of knowledge I received over the last months. It totally changed my practice and awareness in general.

A 2019 Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

I felt like the anatomy was taught extremely well and we spent enough time on anatomy, so essential to our future practice and any teaching. I really don’t see how the other courses could have covered this detail in a shortened time. It just wouldn’t have been enough.
Overall I loved the course and it is head and shoulders above other options I researched. A great decision!

A 2018 Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

I am really glad I decided to do the teacher training. I remember Ed saying "It will change your life", and it has. It has been harder than I expected, and a real roller coaster of emotions for me, but I have enjoyed it every step of the way. I still love going to a variety of yoga classes, but get much more out of them now. I love teaching yoga and passing my knowledge and sense of peace on to others. I love my routine of personal daily practise and I plan to continue it for as long as I can. I have also made some great friends along the way who share my love of yoga! Thanks Ed for all your hard work. Your high expectations and continual support have helped me to be the best yoga student and teacher I can be. I hope to continue to learn lots and develop further in the coming months/years.

A 2018 Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

The pace and the length of time were just right to allow for digestion of some of the more challenging learning. 3 day weekends gave the chance for full immersion and although we worked hard it felt like a retreat each time!
Your knowledge and enthusiasm really showed and was engaging. I found you approachable and supportive, and although I didn't use it I knew I'd have extra support if I needed it. Also you're open to allowing people to make up their own minds about some of the more theoretical concepts, which I valued & I don't think we'd find everywhere.
The balance of anatomy & philosophy was good.
Manual was v helpful & I liked that we had more detail than we needed for a more rounded understanding.
Starting teaching practice at an early stage was helpful & stopped it from becoming a bigger thing than it needed to be. It was great seeing the progress we all made each time.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel like it's been an invaluable experience, both for my personal development and as a potential teacher. I'm definitely looking into doing more. Thanks for an insightful and engaging year.

A 2018 Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

Firstly, thank you! I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It delivered on everything I hoped for and more. I honestly feel that I have learnt much more than I could on many of the other 200 hour courses out there. I think you have great course content and I am confident to teach safely and with a variety of skills. Thank you.

A 2018 Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

Once again thanks for taking me on this journey. I still feel like I am just scratching the surface of Yoga...but feel I have a great foundation to move forward. I’m looking forward to some time to really process it all.

A 2018 Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

Just over two months ago, I signed up for my Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Training Course and today was the first day. I started with a mixture of nerves, excitement and a bit of fear of the unknown and ended the day feeling blessed, emotional, loved and more excited than ever about the next 10 months of this journey. Thank you Yogafurie for making today so special and giving us all the opportunity to meet each other and share this journey together. Namaste.

A 2018 Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

Very impressed with the course. Great guest speakers, overall very thoughtful.

A 2018 Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

I’d been practising at Yogafurie for a few months when my circumstances changed and I was able to think about YTT. Being extremely impressed with the quality of teaching from Ed and his team I had no hesitation in signing up for the programme and I have to say that over the last six months this decision has been constantly vindicated. As lead instructor Ed shares his seemingly endless knowledge in a way that makes either the most complex of philosophical theories understandable or he manages to instruct on the asana in a way that brings them to life. His guest instructors never fail to supplement the teachings and without exception they all shine as experts in their field.

There is no doubt that it is a demanding course both physically and at times emotionally but the level of support is great and the commitment from staff and fellow students overwhelming. Most of all it is highly enjoyable and I consider myself fortunate to be involved. My only regret is that at the moment there isn't a 500 hour conversion course, I'm not going to want this to end!

A 2017 Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

Embarking on the teacher training course at Yogafurie has been a transformational journey. Anyone that is contemplating the decision and not quite sure...I would say, take the plunge and enjoy the yoga wave for ten months...who knows where it will take you.
For myself, the surprise is not simply the improvement of the physical practice and knowledge gain...but to be able to share the practice.

The well being and directions that was developed through exposure to amazing speakers, fellow students, the inspirational teachers at the studio, and of course Ed himself.


A 2017 Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

I knew that the course would take me on a journey but I wasn’t sure where that would be. From each weekend we have been encouraged and supported into being curious about our own practice, as well as the tools to be able to teach safely and confidently.

The weekends have been enriched by different external workshops on meditation, yoga nidra, Sanskrit, fascia, anatomy, mindfulness (to name a few). And we have had the opportunity to contemplate some of the more philosophical and spiritual sides to Yoga through group discussions. I’ve learnt so much from Ed and his knowledge and passion has been really motivating.

Thankfully it isn’t an immersion course, which is a popular way of training to teach – it has allowed me to balance work and family alongside learning, as well as being able to absorb the content in between weekends! Meeting the other participants has been great – a shared experience and a shared love of yoga has brought us all together and their support has been amazing.

I am truly grateful to Ed and the staff at Yogafurie for their knowledge and passion that has rubbed off on me and has opened up a door to a whole new world of opportunities. Thank you!

A 2017 Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

Thank you to everybody at Yogafurie, especially Ed, for making our weekends an enjoyable learning experience. I have left every weekend hungry to learn more and excited for the next teacher training weekend.

It has been so lovely to share this experience with all of the amazing ladies also on the course; Their support, and kind, positive nature has been incredibly humbling and I am so grateful to of made some really lovely friends!

A 2016 Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

I think I ended up asking a lot of philosophical questions I never encounter in 'normal' life. I'm not sure the point is to really completely answer all of the questions that come up along the way, but certainly I’ve enjoyed using my brain in a very different way. Talking about what's expected of yoga teachers and the theories from which Yoga is formed has been very challenging. I knew I had to keep an open mind as it's been around much longer than me and it draws on so many different people's experiences through history.

And I’ve realised just how much I actually expect my Yoga teachers to do (and not do) during a class. I can now also see that it's very hard to please every different expectation of what a class 'should' be.

The massive benefit of doing this teacher training is that I’ve become much more body and safety-aware in my own practice and in observing others.

A 2016 Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

Thank you for everything you put into this course. I learnt such a lot and I also found such a lot in me. The experiences have changed me. Profoundly. I am more me than I have ever been, and I am so grateful for you and your part in that happening.

A 2016 Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee.