Yoga Teacher Training Course Calendar and Schedule

Course Dates September 2019 – August 2020

Sep 6 – 8 (3 days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Oct 26, 27 (2 days: Saturday and Sunday)

Nov 2, 3 (2 days: Saturday and Sunday)

Dec 7, 8 (2 days: Saturday and Sunday)

Jan 4, 5 (2 days: Saturday and Sunday)

Feb 1, 2 (2 days: Saturday and Sunday)

Mar 28, 29 (2 days: Saturday and Sunday)

Apr 10-13 (4 days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

May 2 (1 day: Saturday)

May 23-25 (3 days: Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

Jun 6, 7 (2 days: Saturday and Sunday)

Jul 3-6 (4 days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

Total commitment – 29 days. Each day runs 8AM-5PM unless otherwise advised (occasionally we start earlier).

What happens if I miss a session or want extra help?

We understand that it’s not always possible to make all the training days in full – for instance, if you have already planned a wedding, or a house move etc. Pre-planned, pre-authorised absence is not a problem, because Yogafurie offers catch-up afternoons. If you can’t make a course session, then you must attend catch-up afternoons until we’ve covered all the content missed.

We must stress that catch-up is not an alternative to attending course sessions. You will be expected to attend all sessions, only using catch-up for major life events that you simply could not reschedule.

Catch-up is always the Thursday and Friday afternoon, 2-5PM, in the week after a course weekend. Please inform the studio if you want to come to catch-up, so that we can prepare content.

You don’t have to miss a session to make use of catch-up: if you just want extra help, let us know and we can go over what you need in catch-up time.

You can only pass the course if you have a complete attendance record, and in exceptional circumstances you can use catch-up to cover missed content.

How your study time is spent

Total contact hours: 240.

TopicHours% of course time
Techniques, training and practice12050
Teaching methodology3012.5
Anatomy and physiology3012.5
Yoga philosophy, lifestyle and ethics for teachers3012.5

Your weekend schedule

The topics listed above weave together whenever we learn about practicing and teaching Yoga. Everything we learn will be analysed in terms of how we can communicate it bet to others, what it means for our physiology, how it affects us energetically and where in the traditional philosophy backdrop it appears.

Your daily schedule

This would be a typical course day...
8:00 AM / sometimes 6:30 AMCourse day begins with physical practice and breath practice, sometimes chanting and meditation.Some days begin with an early Hot Yoga practice.
10:00 AMMid-morning break, followed by learning together or teaching practice.Learning together can be discussions from the Yogafurie Training Manual that you will receive.
12:00 PMBreak for lunch.We all bring food to share. On a sunny day there is green space outside where we can eat together.
1:00 PMLearning together.This can be guest teachers and experts in fields related to Yoga.
3:00 PMMid-afternoon
break, followed by learning together or teaching practice.
Teaching practice, guest speakers, or discussions from the Yogafurie Manual.
5:00 PMEnd of the course day.You are welcome to stay for the evening Hot Yoga class - all trainees qualify for a half price Hot Yoga membership.