What really happens on a Hot Yoga Course – Part 2

We heard from one of our Teacher Trainees, Kate, just the other day. And now the lovely Catherine would like to share her experience of the Hot Yoga Course – Teacher Training with us too! Read below for the reasons why Cat took the course and how it’s changed her life along the way. As you’ll see there’s many different reasons people take this 200 hour qualification:

hot yoga course

My experience of the hot yoga course: To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect, and I was a little apprehensive – but I guess the one thing I was pretty sure of was that it would be a safe and supportive space, so even if it was a massive leap into the unknown and I was massively out-of-my-depth, that would probably be ok somehow!

I almost didn’t do the course because I didn’t think I was physically ready – and it is physically demanding, and building up to it over the months before would have been advantagous – but I am glad that didn’t stop me as if it had I would never have done it (never deeming myself fit enough or strong enough to do it). So my advice to others would be if you can, put in a bit of extra work on being physically prepared, but certainly do not let that hold you back if you can’t.

What I love most about the course is the wide variety of what I am learning, I actually knew very little about yoga, and its been so interesting learning right across the history of yoga, ancient teachings, and modern anatomy and physiology. I don’t think not having read widely about yoga before has held me back, in fact it may have been quite useful because I came with no preconceptions, so was just open to learning and experiencing it for myself, and that has been really wonderful.

The thing I have found hardest about the hot yoga course is taking what I am learning into my daily life. Because the course is intensive, and you are still trying to fit your life and work around it, it has meant that incorporating a daily practice and giving yourself the time to absorb what you are learning is difficult. Whilst it has been a struggle, it has now become the most important thing I have achieved because of this course, that I am developing my own daily (or as frequently as possible) practice and that it is improving my life and wellbeing.

What really happens on a yoga teacher training is that you could find out what attracted you to yoga in the first place, isn’t anything like what’s important about it by the end! For one thing I didn’t want to teach at the start of the course, I was doing it for my own learning and development, but I have been inspired to explore what I might have to offer as a teacher. Also I feel so much more involved in my own yoga now that I understand much more about how my body is functioning and how I can influence my own experience – I am much more open to a wide variety of styles of yoga, when previously I went into classes with very strong likes and dislikes, which have definitely – and thankfully! – been stripped away by my experiences and new knowledge.

There are plenty of other reasons to take this 200 hour Teacher Training course other than for the teaching qualification! To find out more follow this link for information.


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