Fall head over heels in love with inversions!

A six-week Hot Yoga course, every Saturday 8-9:30 AM 20/10/18 – 24/11/18 inclusive.

£90 – members (anyone with a rolling monthly membership or an active 10 class pass at the time of paying for the course).

£105 – anyone else.

£20 – member or non-member for one session.

About inversions…

“Stand on your own two feet…” – many of us heard this from our parents. But what about standing on your own two hands, or shoulders?


These and other inversion positions can be a real challenge.

The good news is that these challenges aren’t insurmountable. We can build the strength, balance and confidence needed if we take a careful and mindful approach – and with a bit of help from people who’ve been down that road already!

There’s more detail about the course below. But first, did you know that there are genuine health and emotional benefits in bringing your head below your heart, and in being upside down? Read more about the pluses and get some further general info about inversions on our blog.


What we’ll do

This is a six-week course. 

We’ll spend 90 minutes working on inversions at 42o on Saturday mornings 8-9:30AM from 20/10/18 to 24/11/18 inclusive.

Inversions require core and shoulder strength, and mobility in shoulders, hips and back. There’s more to it than that of course, but you can expect to do targeted work on these areas to prepare and support your inversions practice.

We will focus on headstands (there are some different variations, with different arm positions), shoulder stands (again, there are some variations we can work with) and forearm balances. Depending on the progress we make, I’m hoping that we may also move on to handstand. Note that half handstand will feature as a development exercise during the course.

You’ll get the most out of the course if you practice what we’ve learned between sessions. Having said that, the sessions are modular and you can drop-in to one or just a few if you can’t make the whole course.

Click below to buy a space on the course, or to contact us for further information. Why not attend the Yogafurie Inversions Course – or drop-in to selected weekends – and stretch yourself in an entirely new way: upside down…?

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