Do you ask a lot of yourself? Give yourself a lot of care in return

8 training sessions a week! Why you need to look after yourself when you ask a lot of yourself

When you’re asking a lot out of your body, you need to make sure that you’re giving your body a lot of love in return. As Yogafurie is for all abilities, we do attract students with incredibly high levels of fitness who love to supplement their training with hot yoga.

Femi Robinson has been to over 100 Yogafurie sessions. She focused on building her strength through weight training. Femi is committed to her fitness, you’ll find her breaking a sweat 8 times per week!

Femi doesn’t train to compete, she trains because she loves the feeling of being strong. It must be so hard to cope with the aches, pains and physical and mental tiredness that this kind of training imposes on you.

We wanted to know how she keeps her fitness at such a high level without succumbing to fatigue, so Femi was lovely enough to answer some questions for us


Femi's main goal is increasing her strength and finds hot yoga helps with her mobility
Femi’s main goal is increasing her strength and finds hot yoga helps with her mobility


What’s involved in a typical week of training for Femi?

My typical week of training is all strength based. My normal weight training involves compound lifts, such as squats, deadlifts, bench pressing, overhead pressing, and other Olympic lifts.

I use free weights, barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells. I also use machines and body weight as part of my weekly routine. I strength training 4-5 times a week for around 60-90 mins per session. I also like to do 2-3 hot yoga classes per week.

I currently do minimal cardio work, but may add this at other times within the year.

What’s your current goal that you’re working toward?

My current goal is increasing strength, and also increasing my lifts, thus meaning trying to increase how much I can lift on the main compound and Olympic lifts, as well as increasing rep range and also intensity.

I do not compete as a sport and I am not training for any competitions. I train because I enjoy it, enjoy the feeling on being strong, and I am hoping that it will keep me young!

Have you struggled with fatigue or injuries? How have you dealt with that?

I have struggled with injuries in the past and hot yoga most definitely helps with this. I find it compliments my strength training by assisting with realigning my body. It also assists with strength as it helps to strengthen the weaker areas that are sometimes missed when using weights.

Hot yoga tends to also reach the smaller delicate parts of the body, ranging from the bones and alignment of my feet to assisting with keeping my hips, muscles and other joints mobile.

Weight training can sometimes tighten and shorten these muscles, which can affect mobility. I also use yoga to strengthen my ability to remain focused and relaxed in an environment that can easily become overwhelming.

I feel this helps me with all aspects of every day life. Hot Yoga is also an amazing relaxation tool and I find this very therapeutic.


3 ways to take care of yourself

Whether you ask a lot of yourself physically or mentally, here’s 5 great tips to look after yourself:

  1. Do some meditation – take 10 minutes each day to reconnect with your breath and clear your mind. Here’s a great video on mindfulness to help you out
  2. Have a day off – Make sure that you have at least one day off per week. One day that you say ‘no’ to all work commitments, get outdoors and eat lots of good food!
  3. Give a hot yoga class a go – hot yoga is an excellent form of ‘you-time’. A lot of people come to hot yoga because they find it helps them relieve stress, have more energy and better focus. Fancy giving it a go and seeing what it does for your energy levels? Here’s our class timetable to book yourself in


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