Hot yoga as a family activity. Why hot yoga is great for Carmen & Alison to spend time together

Families that play together stay together

As well as hot yoga, Alison & Carmen love to spend time together by going for walks, cooking, going to the movies and tackling The Observer cryptic crossword in record times
As well as coming to hot yoga, Alison & Carmen love to spend time together by going for walks, cooking, going to the movies and tackling The Observer cryptic crossword



Spending time with your loved ones is top priority on your to-do list


With our daily lives getting busier and busier, it’s easy to let spending quality time with your parents, siblings and children slip down your list of priorities. A regular family activity is a great way to make sure that you make the time for your loved ones.

Spending quality time together with your loved ones is so important. It helps strengthen family bonds, but it’s also good for our own emotional health by letting us joke around, connect with and share common goals with our loved ones.

A great way to ensure that you regularly spend time with your family is by taking part in a shared family activity. Alison Thompson has been coming to Yogafurie since July 2014 and decided that hot yoga could be another great way to spend time with Carmen as a family activity.

Now Carmen’s job finds her jet-setting and travelling around a lot (we’re not jealous at all), but when she is back in Bristol they love to come along to Yogafurie for a class.


Is hot yoga really a good family activity?


When you think of a traditional family activity, you probably wouldn’t think of emerging from a hot yoga class, mired in sweat. You’d probably think more about Cheddar Gorge or going for a dog walk.

Carmen and Alison find it a great way to spend family time together. (As a family run business, we think it’s a pretty fantastic way to spend time together too!)

Well to find out exactly how hot yoga works as a family activity, Carmen and Alison were lovely enough to answer a few questions for us. Carmen was actually in Los Angeles when she was writing her responses to this interview. (Like I said, not jealous at all. Nope.)


You like to come to hot yoga together (when Carmen’s not off jet setting!) how else do you like to spend time together?

Alison: I really really love going to hot yoga with Carmen it’s a great thing to share. We help each other and we chew over the poses after; what worked and what didn’t.

My dream is to be able to put my head on my legs in a seated forward fold – I’m not there yet but its some consolation to know I’m related to someone who can!! When we’re together we often bake, go for long walks with the pooch and meet up with friends. We regularly put the world to rights and there’s always a cryptic crossword on the go!

Carmen: I have so loved coming to hot yoga with mum. I had done yoga before but had always been a little nervous about the “hot” part, but she started coming to Yogafurie and was raving about it, so I had to give it a try – now I’m HOOKED.

We’re both pretty busy, but when we do get together we go for a lot walks, cook, go to the movies and no Sunday is complete without The Observer cryptic crossword!


As a family run business, we definitely have differences of opinion sometimes! How has exercising together helped you two with that?

Alison: Carmen and I both need stress relieving activities and hot yoga is perfect for that. It is a time that I am truly connected to my body and ‘in the moment’ as apposed to being just in my head, planning the future and analysing the past!

I always feel so much better regardless of what’s happened in the day and I know Carmen feels the same.
We rarely fall out and generally get on really well – she’s my best friend. We have a very supportive relationship and to be honest I don’t know where I’d be without her.

Carmen: To be honest, we get on pretty well 🙂 I love spending time with her so much and on the whole we don’t really have that many “differences of opinion”! That said we both have pretty hectic lives sometimes and are quite similar in the way that we deal with stress.

I for one have found hot yoga such a useful tool. It’s amazing to truly relax your mind for an hour and a quarter and just focus on your body and your breathing. It’s also great to go with someone else, because they can give you that little push to go on those days when you’re not feeling as motivated, because it always makes you feel so much better!


Have you tried to get other members of your family along to Yogafurie as well?

Alison: I have tried to recruit anyone and everyone as I am a complete convert. I’m working on Carmen’s brother Joe and am not ready to give up yet – we’ll get him in the end!

Carmen: Well I rave about it to anyone that will listen, but I’m not sure I’ll be getting my younger brother along any time soon! He’s at university in London and very busy focusing on his studies at the moment. I’ll keep trying though.


Other than hot yoga, have you done any other forms of exercise together?

Alison: Carmen is a keen runner and I’d like to say I am too but that would be a lie! When she’s around we walk but otherwise it’s all about the hot yoga!

Carmen: We do a lot of walking, with our gorgeous (but mischievous!) Border Terrier, Monty.


Carmen, now that you’re in LA, should we open a Yogafurie studio there?

Carmen: ABSOLUTELY. They are all about healthy living out there (I have never seen so many juice shops in one place) and they have a lot of yoga studios, but I don’t think hot yoga has made it big there yet so maybe Yogafurie can be the pioneers!


Well there we have it. As well as learning about how hot yoga works for a family activity, we’ve also got an idea for a location for a future new Yogafurie studio! Not bad, eh?


Spend more time with your loved ones. Why not bring them along to a class with you?

Regardless of the activity you do with your family, it’s more about sharing an experience with them. It’s good to try lots of new activities together, because the experience of doing something new is a great thing to share. And if as a result, you find one that works for both of you in the long term, like Alison and Carmen, then fantastic!

Why not give a hot yoga class a go with your loved one? The timetable’s below so you two have find a class time that works for you.



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