Double Trouble! Partner Yoga @ Yogafurie


22nd September, 2-4PM. £25pp, OR £40 for two booking together.

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Join Yogafurie for a fun afternoon of Partner Yoga. What’s partner Yoga? It’s a great way to connect with people…quite literally, as you’ll be working with a partner and helping each other into and out of Yoga poses. How do you do that? Often with body weight, eg gently lying cross your partners back as they fold forwards, or sometimes by providing a strong base for your partner to move around.

Your instructors will guide you carefully through the practice and be on hand to help. It’s a lot of fun, and the room tends to be full of laughter most of the time. It really is a refreshing take on your regular Yoga practice!

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What’s it like to practice with someone else?

Physically, it feels the same whether you know the person or you’ve just met – we work carefully together to move into and out of poses. Mentally, it can feel different if you don’t know your partner, because we can’t help being a little reserved around new people. But working together quickly builds trust, so it’s a great way to meet new people.

Check out the pictures above. These are the kind of things you might do on the day (I won’t say for certain, wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!) One pose is quite active, and the other is quite passive. For both, care and attention is needed in both people, and a good level of communication. Again, your instructors will be right on hand to help. Focusing on the task at hand breaks down barriers, and you’ll be working well together before you know it – whether your partner is an old friend or someone you’ve just met.

What kind of things will we do?

There are two styles of partner practice and the pictures above really show the difference between them. One focuses on supporting each for a deeper stretch and is usually called simply Partner Yoga. People often find they can move deeper into Yoga poses more easily when someone helps, and it’s good to find out what our bodies really can do.

The other style focuses more on strength, flexibility and movement, blending Yoga poses with (often simple) acrobatics, and is called AcroYoga. This requires a bit more concentration, and really gets people communicating and cooperating to achieve the pose.

We’ll do a bit of both on the day! It’ll be accessible, but with enough challenge to make you fully engage. And that makes it fun – the time flies by as you and your partner fly into and out of postures and moves.

Read more about partner and acro yoga on the Yogafurie blog…

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