Stay Safe with Yogafurie

Covid Safey with Yogafurie

We are dedicated to the health and safety of everyone.

As a family, a community, a Yoga studio and an independent business, we have studied as much as possible so that we can learn. And we’re committed to all safety practices to ensure your wellbeing.

We have changed the way our studio is managed to ensure the safety of our customers, staff and the public. Please read below to find out more about how we can keep everyone safe, and what this means for you.

New Measures

What we're doing

Anti Microbial Protection Coatings throughout the building

This is a mist that is sprayed using an electrostatic 360 applicator and leaves a monomolecular layer upon surfaces which not only kills viruses and bacteria on contact but it keeps killing them for up to 30 days. We have committed to monthly coatings for extra safety!

Air filtration throughout (double filtration in the hot studio) to combat COVID transmission

The Hot Yoga heating system has always filtered the air. We will now be double filtering in the hot studio. We have also added filtration for each of the other rooms. We're confident this will remove any COVID particles, and if you would like to read the science about all of that, hit the button at the bottom of this page.

Deep cleaning procedures

Our studio has undertaken a deep clean before reopening so that we could start as we mean to go on. We have also implemented new and more stringent cleaning measures before and after every single class to keep you safe.

Before and after every class

Every single contact surface throughout the building is cleaned before and after class with an anti-virucidal solution. Examples of this include (but aren't limited to); door handles, benches, soap dispensers, reception table, toilet flushes, touch points and more. All of our Teachers and staff are committed to cleaning the studio floor following each class, ensuring cleanliness before next class.

Hand sanitisers and more

We have hand sanitisers at the entrance and outside each studio. You will find paper towels in the toilets so that you aren't sharing towels.

Social distancing (including the hot studio)

There are markings on the floor to ensure that people have a safe space around them. This means the class sizes have been adjusted.

Yoga clothing

Please only touch clothing items if you have sanitised your hands. For now, it will not be possible to try on Yoga clothing at the studio. Instead, buy the clothing and try it on at home. If you decide not to keep it, you can return it for a full refund, unworn, with the labels attached within 14 days. We will then safely store these items for at least 72 hours.

What you need to do

Bring your own equipment

You must bring your own Yoga mat to use class. This is the same for Yoga equipment such as bricks, blocks, straps etc. The equipment at Yogafurie will not be available for use for now. If you don't have your own Yoga mat or equipment, they are available to purchase from our studio (click "Bring your own equipment" above to head to store). You can purchase Yoga studio quality equipment for the best prices from Yogafurie.

You must use a proper Hot Yoga towel

It is now an absolute must to use a standard Hot Yoga towel that is the size of your mat. Any other towel means you will not be able to take part in class and will have to go home. If you do not have a mat towel, you can purchase them from our studio, or you can hire from our studio for £1 each time.

Arrive on time and where possible, ready

Where possible, please arrive ready so that you can head straight to the hot studio. Please also arrive on time for class, if you arrive after class has started, you won't be able to join class. You can arrive anytime from 15 minutes before class starts.

Honour your booking

As class sizes will be limited, please only book if you know you are able to come to class. If you know you will need to cancel, please cancel online at least 3 hours before class is due to start to give others the opportunity to come along instead. Click the link in the title of this section to read the cancellation policy in detail.

Attend a maximum of 1 class per day

Class sizes are smaller and demand is high. We have added extra classes to our timetable and we are managing cancellations closely. You can also help everyone have a fair chance getting to class by attending 1 class a day maximum.

Wearing a mask

We will be following official guidelines about wearing masks. Please wear a mask when in our Reception area and changing rooms. You do not need to wear a mask whilst practicing Hot Yoga or Yoga.

Stay home if you have symptoms

If you are showing symptoms or suspect you might be unwell, please stay home and protect the health of members and staff at our studio. We have created a comprehensive Online Yoga Platform for you to still join in on the health-giving benefits of Yoga if you need to stay at home.

Get in touch

We are taking safety seriously so that we are able to offer you Hot Yoga, Yoga and Yoga Online. Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

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