About Pilates

Becky from the Body Workshop with classes at our studio on Monday and Thursday evening explains; “Pilates is named after the creator of the method, Joseph Hubertus Pilates. Joe, born in Germany strived to create an exercise regimen to create a balance between mind, body and spirit. In 1926 Joe emigrated to the US and on the voyage met his future wife, Clara. Soon after they settled in New York Joe and Clara opened their first studio, where they taught ‘Contrology’ which is what we now know as Pilates. Joe developed 34 fundamental Matwork exercises and then throughout his life went on to evolve and develop these exercises, not only on the Mat, but also on intricate equipment that he created now known as the ‘Trapeze Table’, ‘Reformer’, ‘Ladder Barrel’, ‘Chair’ and ‘Spine Corrector’.

Building upon the integrity of Joe’s original work, Pilates has evolved through research and movement science, making the Pilates method intelligent and functional movement for all.
During classes the classical exercises are broken down to a simpler form and then built to a level that is appropriate for the class, therefore teaching the body to be able to move through the exercises in the easiest and most functional way.This creates many fantastic benefits such as a healthy and mobile spine, ease of movement, improved posture, core control, strength, flexibility and good movement patterns within the whole body therefore preventing many common injuries.”



Carmen Elvatud Dance had a lot of really useful information to tell us about Pilates. If you’d like to read it all please see this blog we’ve created using the information provided. We have some of her words here too: “Pilates is then, a program of physical and mental training, safe and effective, which considers the body and mind as a unit as on his own words ‘Fitness is the first requirement to be happy’.
It does not consist of repetitions of meaningless exercises, but in a sequence of controlled and precise movements, based on stretching and strengthening exercises, avoiding the impact and pressure on the joints. It is a complete body education whose goal is to achieve a muscular and functional balance.
It is a “conscious exercise”, where the main rule is: Quality against quantity. The parts of the body that do not have displacement have more consideration than those that move. Its main pillar is the empowerment of the energy center, which supports the structure of the body and is where all movement starts.”

Pilates @ Yogafurie in Bristol

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