Choosing the right course for you

People really do get into their Yoga. Heat, particularly, gives people another compelling reason to return to their mat. But whether it’s in the warmth or at room temperature, a Yoga practice can be a labour of love. We work hard and we all hit inevitable plateaus in practice.

Every now and then, it’s like a veil lifts and some new movement becomes available. All of a sudden, we are much deeper in our postures or suddenly succeeding with movements that we used to struggle with. To be patient and keep at the practice until something changes – this is a sign of real dedication.

Dedicated people often want to know more, but they don’t always realise this. They want to know why they hit that plateau, what was it that finally made the difference, how to respond to the next one to get through it successfully, and anyway what’s all this about one-ness and union?

It can be a while before the unnamed longing for deeper knowledge actually surfaces as a decision to join teacher training. But the moment we open up and go with it – well, it’s the greatest relief and the most exciting thought ever, all at the same time.

But there are so many courses about. Which one to choose? Read our blog – it’s gives you a list of practical questions to ask any provider before you invest in a course. Some people advocate intensive courses – actually leaving home for a few weeks and staying in the training facility. Read our blog weighing up the pros and cons of such an approach.

The Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga teacher training course is an in-depth and very inclusive training program. We draw in experts from many related disciplines, as well as giving you the best in asana instruction. Why not check out our Teacher Training mini-site to read more about what we do? You might also like to take a look at this video, in which our trainees talk about their experiences on the course. Finally, you can also download our course brochure. Or simply call, email, drop by the studio or use the contact form below and we’d be happy help. Our next course begins in January 2019.

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