Leadership and Manipura Chakra

In the lead up to Ed’s Manipura Chakra workshop, Ed discusses this energetic centre

manipura chakra

Evolution began with independent organisms – creatures that saw to their own needs, often reproducing asexually. And life can only go so far like that. Eventually, creatures have to work in groups – then it’s possible to build a better life for all.

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Have I an Angel?

little angel

My dog was unwell, and I had to deny her food. It made her sad, but I saw a bigger picture and now she’s well. My angel may see a bigger picture and restrict me for my own good, but surely my angel is also just a part of the same “bigger picture” – maybe even with its own guarding angels?

If I and my angel are both part of the picture, then we’re both the same: just the picture. The picture has expressed itself in two ways. I and my angel are one, the same thing.

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Yogafurie’s Ed Wood writes for Huffington Post

Chakra ‘Schedule’ For 2017 – Let’s Bring Balance Back Into Our Lives

Ed Wood, the founder and lead instructor at Yogafurie and the Yogafurie Academy, writes for Huffington Post. This blog is to explain a Chakra ‘Schedule’ for 2017 and how we can help bring balance back into our lives.

For more information, follow this link to read further – Chakra ‘Schedule’ For 2017 – Let’s Bring Balance Back Into Our Lives

Chakra Schedule

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Yogafurie Chakra Workshops


Yogafurie Chakra Workshop

Many cultures – for a long time now – have regarded thinking and intellectualism as the defining characteristic of humanity. It’s all that’s best in people. The functions of the rest of the body, and how humans behave from those places, generate different responses.

For instance, there’s great joy in eating – but also the curious spectacle of the “Bushtucker Trial” on mainstream TV.

Love and it’s many and varied outcomes are the subject of most of the music we listen to. But there’s a reluctance from all nations to step forward and end, once and for all, the starvation, exploitation and disease suffered by millions.

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Yoga and the changing seasons

As the sun sets on a beautiful summer we start to consider the changing seasons

Changing Seasons
The Yogafurie retreat at Eden Rise. April 2015. Photographer Freia Turland

People report that following the moment leads to a lifestyle in which things seem to fall into place. The right things happen at just the right time. It doesn’t mean they all feel good, but events conspire to help us rather than conspire against us. This leads some to the conclusion that “it all happens for a reason”, as if there is an angel or a god guiding us along. Of course, if there is an angel or a god guiding your life then Yoga would say that angel is you, because you are already all of this moment. How can this be?

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Yoga, Twisting Postures and Ownership

Ed’s Thoughts on Our Twisting Pose of the Week

Twisting in Class

Hatha Yoga offers lots of twisting positions for us to work with. There’s much to learn

physically by exploring our own obliques and how our spines react to turning. There’s a

reflective journey to be taken too: twisting is an opportunity to consider how we turn away

from (or towards) ourselves.

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Karma Yoga and the Divine Comedy

The Big Bang hasn’t ended. And it wasn’t a beginning. That outpouring of energy hasn’t stopped – because things continue to change. Everything in the known universe seems to have started there. But our telescopes can’t see forever. Beyond the telescopes’ range? We have no idea what’s there. Maybe our Big Bang was just a firework in a much large sky. A literally endless and limitless display – what if it all really is endless?


Yoga teaches that every part is the same as the whole. That to know now is to know forever, to know oneself is to know all. There are so many hidden implications in these words: to ”know” – without reference to prior knowledge. Oneself as all – one Self is all.

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Transcend that

Transcend that


Yoga practice offers methods to transcend duality, as in transcendent meditation for example.

Sounds great. But what does it all mean?

One way to decode this is to consider the concepts of good and evil. Imagine the evil laugh associated with the baddest villains and anti-heroes in films. Evil delights in destruction – in fact, it’s the very essence of destruction.

But it’s also subject to destruction, like everything else. Good – the very essence of growth and creation – is similarly itself subject to growth. Good and bad rise and fall endlessly in their own, self-created patterns. I feel that the yin-yang symbol is a remarkable, stylised graphic representation of the interplay of two.

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