The Flexibly Challenged Yogi

Something that has always bugged me when I try to convince people to come to a yoga class with me is when they say, “I’d be no good at yoga, I’m not very flexible.” To which I’d reply, “neither am I!” I’ve always had short hamstrings (probably not helped by my historic love for outdoor running and lack of enthusiasm for a cool down). I also have tight hips (can’t think of a good reason for this – too much TV watching perhaps?) I also have a slight anterior pelvic tilt which basically means my bum sticks out a bit, probably caused by too much sitting.

flexibly challenged

Ten months ago, I decided to train to become a yoga teacher. I’ve always loved how yoga keeps me physically fit and calms my mind down, so I thought ‘why not?!’ So day one of yoga teacher training arrives: as you can probably imagine, I was bottom of the class in the flexibility ratings. Surrounded by a sea of bendy Wendy’s, I was facing a tough uphill struggle to be able to keep up with the others and do all the poses ‘correctly’. Luckily Ed, our wise trainer, told us, “There is no correct pose. It’s not about touching your toes. That may come with practice, but it’s about staying with your breath and being in the present moment.” Well, this was music to my ears! I didn’t need to look like all those super bendy girls on Instagram; where I got to in each pose was perfect for me (even if it was on top of a mountain of
blocks!) I also learnt that it’s incredibly unhelpful to compare yourself to others. So I stopped worrying and just tried my best.

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New Yoga and Hot Yoga teachers: Marketing 101

So, you’ve graduated…well done! Your teacher training was probably a roller-coaster ride, and the most rewarding thing you ever did. Now it’s time to knuckle down, teach some classes and find your feet as a teacher. Where do you start? In this blog, Ed (Yogafurie teacher and owner) gives you some useful information about what you can do and what you can expect to find.

Yoga inversionsSet Objectives

Start by thinking about what you want to achieve, in the short term and for the future. Is it enough to just cover your costs, or do you want/ need an income from your classes?

A diligent new teacher will probably spend an hour or two planning each class, and might even practice it a couple of times themselves before delivering it. You can easily put 4 hours work into a single class. This kind of effort will pay off – the quality of your classes will be high, and people will appreciate that. Of course, you might (or might not) feel you need some financial benefit from all the work. It’s important to think about this.

Lots of people are teaching really just for the experience, and to maintain the momentum they built up in teacher training. If this is your goal then you might be willing to compromise on the financial reward for a while. Do be clear about what you want, as it will also affect how you market yourself.

And marketing is important. Your teacher training course hopefully made you a confident and knowledgeable teacher. There is more you need to know if you hope to attract and engage a population of students.

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Not A Yoga Kind Of Guy

I never thought of myself as a ‘Yoga kind of Guy’, whatever that means. Everything about me or at least the things which I identified with were fun, cool and if they were a bit edgy that was all the better. I’ll be honest if it made me look cool well that made it better still. Skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, riding motorcycle’s and the life styles that went with them were my thing and still are, but you can feel pretty banged up after over quarter of a century of that. One way or anther I ended up at a Hot Yoga class taken by some guy called Ed. It sounded kind of extreme, so you can see the hook. I dabbled in it, nothing serious, but this he did say one thing that stuck in my head, “those other things will pull you apart but Yoga will put you back together”. Despite those words of wisdom I still just kind of ended up drifting off, because after all… I was not really a yoga kind of guy.

yoga kind of guy

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What Makes You Happy

Throughout my life I have always lived by the motto ‘do what makes you happy’.

It was something my parents said to me when I was 18 and choosing which degree to take for University, and it has stuck with me and served me well. Consequently, I have had a few different careers, lived in a number of cities, and taken a few long career breaks to pursue my passion for travel and experiencing new cultures.

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Have You Ever Wondered What If…

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you could reset, would you change anything?

I am 42, mother of 2 and full-time accountant. And some days it works beautifully, but most of the time it is pretty full on, I wish for less stress, a healthier balance and more quality time for me and the family……

So, at the end of 2017 I started to think about some of the things that made me (and my family) happy, and I thought what if?

What if I could find something that helped me balance my stress and health (back pain, tiredness, PMT)?

What if I could find something that I may be able to use for a new career?

What if I find something I am passionate about and would make me jump out of bed for work!!

So, I just did it and in Jan 2018 I joined the teacher training at Yogafurie, not knowing where it would take me but excited to see……

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10 questions to ask about a Yoga Teacher Training Course to choose the right one for you

It’s exciting!

A Yoga Teacher Training course is an amazing journey. The group you find yourself in will contain people from all walks of life, with widely different opinions and attitudes, all brought together by a love of Yoga and Hot Yoga. When you first decide to train as a teacher then you can get swept up in the excitement. There are lots of courses available, and they all sound great.

Studios generally design their own courses. There is no central body defining the syllabus, which means that the quality and content of courses can vary enormously. But in the heat of the moment, it’s easy to miss the tell-tale signs that separate the best courses courses from the rest.

This blog gives you a few simple questions to ask, that can help you balance your decision when choosing the right Yoga Teacher Training course for you.

Yoga Teacher Training

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Teacher training: Weekend 1 from the inside…

Teacher training is a journey for the students. There are a lot of (positive) personal, physical and attitude/outlook changes in store for anyone joining the course. In this blog, I’d like to give you an insight into the other side of the equation – namely, what it’s like for me as course leader.

Yoga Teacher Training

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Win Tickets to the Om Yoga Show 2016 Courtesy of Yogafurie

Yogafurie are off to the London OM Yoga Show 21-23 Oct 2016 to tell people about our ground-breaking Hot Yoga and regular Yoga teacher training course.

They’re pleased to have us and have given us lots of free pairs of tickets to give away. We’re running two competitions, one on email and one on social media.

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For you Hardcore Lot! A Yogafurie Chaturanga-a-thon at Om Yoga Show 2016

Only for the truly hardcore… Come and get your chatturanga dandasana on anytime with Yogafurie at stand E20 at the Om Yoga Show 2016!

We have fabulous prizes to give away and we’ll be running a leader board, so login to our Teacher Training page every day of the show to see how your Chaturanga is holding up!

Om Yoga Show 2016

How the competition works

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Yogafurie Plank-athon at The Om Yoga Show London 2016

Are you a Vinyasa Flow-Head? Come see us at stand E20 and show us your longest and your best plank!

We’ll be running a leader board, so login to our Teacher Training page every day of the show to see how your planking is ranking!

We have some fabulous prizes to give away to the lucky winners of our competitions

Om Yoga Show London 2016

How the competition works

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