Perfect Postures! King Pigeon Pose

In a city where pigeons rule the streets, why not join them? And become King Pigeon!

King Pigeon

King Pigeon (Kapotasana) is a strong back bend posture. It can provide a deep stretch to your hip flexors, abdomen, shoulders and upper arms. It also strengthens muscles in the back, abdomen, shoulders and arms whilst helping to improve posture. All of these benefits come if practiced safely! So make sure to warm up and only practice if you feel your body is ready to give it a go.

This article will provide a quick and safe way to practice the posture at home. But as always it’s best to come to class and practice it with a trained Yogafurie instructor!

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Perfect Postures! Boat Pose and Both Big Toe Pose

Yogafurie offers a challenge in your home practice!

Both big toe pose

Very similar in appearance, and nearly similar in effort. Boat pose (sanskrit Navasana) and Both Big Toe Pose (sanskrit Ubhaya Padangusthasana) are brilliant additions to your practice to help you feel grounded, stable, strong and flexible.

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Perfect Postures! Tadasana and Samasthiti

“Be still like a mountain, and flow like a great river” – Lao Tzu



These are fantastic asanas (postures) for cultivating a sense of stillness and strength. They help us to discover alignment anomalies we may have hidden under the surface in our own bodies, and they help us to work with them to find more functional movement. These two asanas form the basis for all standing postures in Yoga.

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