What Is Pilates? – Carmen Elvatud Dance Shares Her Knowledge

What is Pilates?

Carmen Elvatud Dance teaches a Pilates class every Tuesday at Yogafurie, she has shared with us below what is Pilates.

Pilates Bristol

Joseph.H. Pilates devoted his entire life to researching and developing an exercise system, which provides a balance between mind and body, strength and elasticity. Some of the movements were inspired by children and cats, also based on observation of the mechanism of the body, to achieve a universal, efficient and practicable method for the majority of people, regardless of age, sex and condition.

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Ed’s Guide for Starting and Developing an Inversions Practice

What are inversions?

Any pose where the head is below the waist can be counted as an inversions posture. However, most often it’s the poses where the feet are above the head that are called “inversions”.


Why do inversions?

Hatha Yoga is an amazing physical practice. If you read into it a little, you soon see that there is no part of the human body that is not targeted for practice. So, of course we would try to stand upside down. Hatha Yoga creates people who are as strong and stable upside down as they are standing upright.

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Hot Yoga for Athletes – Case Study: Marcus Rendle

Marcus Rendle has been attending Yogafurie Hot Yoga for 8+ months to help him train in his run up the Marathon Des Sables. Below he explains how Hot Yoga has helped him.


Taking care of yourself is so important when you regularly push your mind and body to the limits.

A lot of athletes see the value in hot yoga for all it’s health benefits like:

● Building strength and flexibility

● Injury prevention and promoting long term health

● The focus on breathing helps keep your mind steady and strengthens your cardiovascular system

Our Yogafurie member Marcus Rendle finds it especially useful in order to get him ready for running marathons in the desert as the studio is a similar heat, let’s hear about how it has helped him with his training…

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The Science Behind How Our Breath Helps Change Our Mood

Our Breath is closely linked to our nervous system, read on to find out more!

deep breath
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Just for a moment, before reading any further, take a long, slow breath in. And then exhale for twice the amount of time it took to breathe in. Take note of what effects you might notice; maybe your body relaxes where you didn’t realise tension was being held, for example muscles in the face, shoulders, chest. Perhaps you notice a subtle shift in your mind set, perhaps you suddenly see more colours in the environment where you’re sat. A lot can change from just that one, single, lovely and purposeful breath. And when this is practiced for more than one breath and daily, perhaps taught regularly in a yoga or meditation class, the long terms effects can be phenomenal.

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Yogafurie’s Ed Wood writes for Huffington Post

Chakra ‘Schedule’ For 2017 – Let’s Bring Balance Back Into Our Lives

Ed Wood, the founder and lead instructor at Yogafurie and the Yogafurie Academy, writes for Huffington Post. This blog is to explain a Chakra ‘Schedule’ for 2017 and how we can help bring balance back into our lives.

For more information, follow this link to read further – Chakra ‘Schedule’ For 2017 – Let’s Bring Balance Back Into Our Lives

Chakra Schedule

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Yogafurie Chakra Workshops


Yogafurie Chakra Workshop

Many cultures – for a long time now – have regarded thinking and intellectualism as the defining characteristic of humanity. It’s all that’s best in people. The functions of the rest of the body, and how humans behave from those places, generate different responses.

For instance, there’s great joy in eating – but also the curious spectacle of the “Bushtucker Trial” on mainstream TV.

Love and it’s many and varied outcomes are the subject of most of the music we listen to. But there’s a reluctance from all nations to step forward and end, once and for all, the starvation, exploitation and disease suffered by millions.

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Seasons Greetings and Festive Givings!

This week we’re raising money for Julian Trust, a Bristol based homeless charity

Julian Trust

Christmas is the season of giving. We buy presents for our loved ones, send cards to people that make a difference in our lives, and gather around to spend time with friends and family.

And sometime we forget how good we’ve got it. Access to an abundance of clean water, lots of food, clothes on our back and a roof over our heads.

This Christmas let’s give to our friends in Bristol that don’t have access to a warm cosy home this Christmas. If we can all give just a little support, we can provide a warm roof over their heads and proper meals for the festive season.

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Has Christmas Got Your Generosity Juices Flowing?

We’re collecting donations this week for the Standing Rock cause against the Dakota Access Pipeline

North Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

The Dakota Access Pipeline is an undergorund oil pipeline project in the United States, designed to carry crude oil from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota south-east through South Dakota and Iowa ending at an oil tank farm in Illinois. This has been a highly controversial project, attracting opposition from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, other tribes and many non-Native American portestors. 

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Warm Up this Winter with Hot Yoga at Yogafurie

Cold Winters and Hot Yoga

Warm up this winter with Hot Yoga

Warm Up this Winter with Hot Yoga

As Autumn waves goodbye to us, the days grow dark and we put on more layers, we can easily slip into a habit of hibernation. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact even though Christmas and New Year season keeps us very busy, we naturally should be slowing down with the seasons.

Often in this festive season we are encouraged to overeat, overdrink and overspend! All of this, whilst lovely to enjoy ourselves, is exhausting for the body and unhealthy for our mental wellbeing.

Here is how a Hot Yoga practice in the winter months can help us to nurture ourselves and find balance in such a busy time.

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Win Tickets to the Om Yoga Show 2016 Courtesy of Yogafurie

Yogafurie are off to the London OM Yoga Show 21-23 Oct 2016 to tell people about our ground-breaking Hot Yoga and regular Yoga teacher training course.

They’re pleased to have us and have given us lots of free pairs of tickets to give away. We’re running two competitions, one on email and one on social media.

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