Daphne’s story – how hot yoga has helped with the menopause

Daphne has found many benefits from hot yoga in her previous 2 years practicing with Yogafurie. Most especially Daphne has found that her regular practice of hot yoga has helped her to manage her symptoms throughout the menopause.

Daphne, 53, attended a Yogafurie hot yoga class 2 years ago and became hooked. That same time starting hot yoga was also when she noticed her menopause and its symptoms kicking in. “I was noticing symptoms such as night sweats, hot flushes and insomnia where I would wake up lots of times in the night and couldn’t get back to sleep.”

Hot yoga has helped Daphne with her insomnia, she reports that she still does wake up in the night but can go back to sleep due to the control Daphne has now developed over her body and mind. “I can be back to sleep in 10 minutes even when it’s 5am in the morning. My alarm goes off at 5:40 each week and before there would be no hope, I wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep. Now I can get an extra 30 minutes in the morning. And it doesn’t panic me either because even if I don’t go back to sleep, I’m getting such good relaxation and rest anyway.”

Daphne, with a successful career in specialist social welfare, is a married mother of three young adults and owns a pet dog, usually attends Yogafurie 3 times a week. Daphne reports that the hot flushes are a strong symptom that she notices from menopause. “When the hot flushes come it completely takes over me, with the heat and the sweat.” However thanks to her regular practice of hot yoga, Daphne’s body has acclimatised to the heat of the practice. “I still sweat, but it feels easier and doesn’t bother me. I can ride it out as it’s not such a shock to my body to feel that hot.”

A regular Yogafurie hot yoga practice brings many other benefits, including de-stressing and helping with focus. “I have to focus on keeping my balance and how I’m moving, I find I’m thinking so hard about how to adjust my body that I don’t think about anything else. I’ll come out so de-stressed because I’ve switched off completely from everything else”.

Another of the reported benefits that Daphne offers is more confidence in her body. “I come out at 7:30am feeling cleansed, full of energy and really liking my body as it feels good, strong and capable”. Daphne reports that she finds she is still burning calories a couple of hours following her class and it has helped her to stay strong and flexible. “As you get older your bones get weaker and my hot yoga practice is counterbalancing that.”

Currently Daphne is studying her 200 hour Yoga & Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Yogafurie Academy and will graduate in May 2020. “My very long term plan is that it’s something I would like to carry in to retirement. I might focus on offering yoga classes to elderly people as they often have specific movement limitations and it will be a great way to help combat loneliness.”

You can also discover how Yogafurie hot yoga can transform your life and bring you benefits that you might never have imagined! Check out our hot yoga timetable, with 20 classes a week and 7 different styles on offer, we’re sure there will be something for you!

Warming to the idea of change as a teacher?

As a teacher, I love concluding a class knowing that I really reached the students. Some kind of magic happened, and there’s a palpable feeling in the air – the things that were said, the things they did, it all landed. They feel great, and so do I. It doesn’t happen every time! So, it’s special when it does.

Yoga teachers reading this will know that same, special feeling. In a way, it’s a call to action: to go outside our teaching comfort zones and reach new groups with different needs and wants. I say that because it’s wonderful to work with the people and methods we already connect with. It’s great then to reach out and extend that connection to new methods and groups whenever we can.

Many Hatha and Vinyasa teachers will never have taught in heat. Often, they have very valid reasons – usually, an unpleasant experience in a studio that perhaps didn’t embody the values of Yoga. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that – all studios are not the same. There are studios that live the tradition with authenticity and use heat. And they have buzzing communities of engaged students, who all share the teacher’s love of Yoga.

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How Heat Helps Healing

10 weeks ago yesterday I broke my spine in a motorbike accident – you can read what happened here. Initially I was told I had broken my L1 vertebra and was prescribed a back brace, crutches and an unholy amount of cocodamol which I never took.

I really needed the back brace and the crutches after the accident. I couldn’t walk on my own without the support of both. And even with those two to help me, I couldn’t make myself a cup of tea or run myself a bath for the first 2 weeks. I felt close to completely helpless. The only thing I could do was sleep, read, watch Netlfix (obviously) and practice copious amounts Yoga Nidra to hopefully boost my healing response. I knew I was one of the lucky ones, that I could heal, but it didn’t stop the difficult moments getting to me.

The accident was July 17th. It has taught me that I really am not someone to take this lying down (so to speak!). I did as much as I could whenever I could. As soon as I could make my own lunches and dinners, I was cooking. As soon as I could carry lightweight objects, I was putting the rubbish out. As soon as I could drive, or perhaps a little too soon before I could drive, I was behind the wheel.

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The Quantum of Yoga

Quantum physics says that matter – at the smallest level – isn’t solid. It’s clouds of energy, and it’s impossible to know for sure what it’s doing unless you measure it. When you measure it, all the possibilities it could hold (the wave function) collapse into one outcome.

I think that rings true of any situation. I can’t see the future, but I’ll give it all my best shot and see how things turn out.

This New Scientist article goes on to say, “How did our universe come to be, out of a seemingly vast number of equally likely possibilities allowed by the laws of physics?”

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Teacher Training: a natural next step

You love Yoga and Hot Yoga, and you’ve been practicing consistently for a while. You love the way it makes you feel, and you really notice when you can’t go for any reason. Life just seems simpler and more manageable when you practice regularly, even though nothing’s really changed. Sure, there are times when you feel like just staying at home and vegging out. But you get up and get to class anyway, because you know that you’ll be glad you did.

Does any of this ring true for you? Yep, you’ve got the Hot Yoga bug alright!

If this is you, then you’ve already come a long way. If you could see the person you were, if you could see your posture shapes the first time you went to class, then you’d be amazed at how much you’ve changed since then. It might feel like that’s all thanks to the magic of Yoga and Hot Yoga. And it is, but there’s more: it’s your hard work that’s moved you forward, and the good guidance of the studio and teachers you’ve stuck with.

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Why Hot Yoga is so Great!

This article is written by Sinead. As one of our lead instructors, Sinead is someone who absolutely loves Hot Yoga and truly believes in it’s capacity to help people feel fantastic.

Since my motorbike accident 3 weeks ago (you can read about it here), I have had a lot of time to think and to reflect about what Yoga and Hot Yoga mean to me. And they mean an awful lot!

Here I offer some of the main benefits of Hot Yoga that I have experienced over the years.

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Motorbikes and Breaking My Back: The Accident and Aftermath

*warning – a tad of strong language follows. But I broke my back so I think it’s okay!

The accident

It’s a day like any other. Work, family, jokes, laughter, plans for my practice later, plans for dinner with my husband, enjoying the challenges of day to day life. I leave work at about 1:30, grateful to finish the day early and get a longer time to myself for my yoga practice. 

The accident is a blur. One moment I’m swinging my leg over my motorbike with the familiar feeling of excitement for a fun packed 2 wheeled journey. The next moment, I smash into the side of a van. I’m in excruciating pain, in the middle of the road with the impending threat of a shouting van driver. So..much..pain. The van driver is screaming and shouting. I’m in the middle of the road with surrounding traffic. My bike is making unhappy noises. And I have this looming threat of being called a “stupid woman” in the back of my mind (at least that seems to be the tone of the van driver in the moment).

A lady wants to call the ambulance but I’m not sure. I have to move, but my back won’t let me. I drag myself as close to the curb as I can before giving up and laying in the road, in direct sunlight.

Now the pain REALLY sets in! Wow my back. Fuck. Seriously. Ouch. Yes call the ambulance because I can’t move anywhere without making a serious situation even worse.


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Yoga and Hot Yoga: deeper through anatomy

(Try this at home!)

How can the study of anatomy deepen your Yoga and Hot Yoga practice? Well for one thing it can provide scientific guidelines to help you keep your body safe. For example, did you know that the discs that stack between and cushion your vertebrae get rehydrated whilst you sleep, so your spine is literally longer after a nights sleep. Pretty cool fact but how can this apply to a Yoga and Hot Yoga practice. Well, because your spine is longer in the morning this means all the ligaments and tendons that hold the spine together are tighter in the morning than in the evening. And tight ligaments feel stiff and are easier to pull. So, if you are practicing in the morning you should expect the body to feel stiffer in backbends than later in the day, and perhaps you might warm the back up more or go lighter in backbending postures then you would in an evening practice.





Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

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The Stormy Middle: half-way through Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Right now is the time when teacher trainees earn our respect the most, at the half-way point of the program. They’ve already learned a great deal: they can plan and hold safe classes, and they can discuss Yoga and anatomy in ways they never anticipated. But most of all they understand how little we all really know, and that’s a sobering realisation.

Training is also difficult because our relationship to practice changes. Yoga was always there for us in the past: the one refuge from all that modern-day madness was the little temple of the Yoga mat. But now in Yoga and Hot Yoga classes, we find ourselves analysing the sequence, checking our alignment – sometimes with self-criticism – and assessing how the teacher is delivering the practice. Naturally, people ask: “Will I ever get MY Yoga back again?”



The short answer is: Yes, you will, and it’ll happen with a new richness of knowledge and depth of understanding about what you’re doing. There’ll be a feeling of new magic in your practice once you integrate your course experiences. But first, something equally magical but very different has to happen. It’s a kind of re-birth, and like all beautiful birth events, it comes with its measure of difficulty.

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