How to Cancel a Hot Yoga Class Through the Website

For all you Yogis and Yoginis cancelling a class online using your computer or laptop

There are just a few simple steps to take so that you can cancel your class online:

Step One: From the homepage click on Timetable -> Hot Yoga Timetable
The page will load the Hot Yoga timetable

Step Two: Then select “My Account” – it’s to the right, just under the MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS heading

Step Three: Go to the login page to enter in your login details and get access to your account

Login Page

Step Four: Once you have logged in, click “My Info” and then “My Bookings” to see the classes you have already booked in to

My Info

Step Five: Click “Cancel” to the right of the class that you can no longer attend and your web browser may come up with a dialogue to confirm that you would like to cancel. Click “Okay”


Step Six: There you have it! You will have successfully cancelled your class and can book in to another one by choosing the “Hot Classes” tab and finding one that suits you

Cancelled Class

If you’re still having any trouble, remember you can always contact Sinead or Ed through

See you in class soon!

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