Branch Out Summer Challenge

Thank you for taking part - 104 Trees Closer to our goal!!!

 Last year, despite lockdowns, we planted 52 trees with the Forest of Avon Trust and this we’ve doubled that and will plant 104 trees locally.

Thank you so much for taking part this year!

Thanks to your wonderful efforts at bringing along friends to practice with you. 

Our mission is to reforest an area the size of mainland Britain. However a closer milestone for us is that we aim to make trees accessible and close to everyone in Bristol! And thanks to you, we are a little closer to that target. 

We know how important your yoga practice is to you and so everything we can do to make it more sustainable helps. Everyone!

What Are The Rules of the Challenge?

They're really simple! Click the small arrow to the right to find out how to play along.

  • Yogafurie Members include anyone with an All You Can Heat, Hot & Flexible, Dusk Thru Dawn, Couples Membership or 8 class pass.
  • You bring a friend along to class who is new to the studio or hasn’t been this year.
  • Make sure we add you to our Branch Out notebook and record your friend’s attendances under your name.
  • Your friend can get this class for £10.
  • You get a sticker to put on our tree in the studio.
  • You both receive an electrolyte each for the class.
  • If you bring us 4 different friends who are new to the studio or haven’t come this year, we will take 20% off your next membership payment!
  • There is no limit to how many friends you bring and how many months you get 20% off. For example, if you bring along 8 new friends, your next 2 months of membership payments will both attract 20% off.
  • Each new friend only counts once and can enjoy Mates Rates for just their first class. Although they are more than welcome to take up our Two Week Trial following their first class with us.

What Your Friend Needs to Know

Before your friend joins us, they'll need to know just a couple of things like what to bring to the studio and what to expect. Click the arrow to find out.

  • Please bring a Yoga mat! Whilst we observe social distancing guidelines, please bring along a mat for you to use. If you don’t have one you can select from a variety of Yoga mats to purchase in our studio.
  • Bring a mat towel or a towel just as large to cover your mat. If you would prefer not to, you can hire one at the studio for just £1.
  • Bring a drink of water. Or we offer tasty refreshments available for purchase at reception.
  • We have showers and changing facilities, so you can attend any class and make use of the facilities if you’re heading somewhere afterwards.
  • Pay when you arrive. As you will have been introduced by a Yogafurie member, you are entitled to this class for just £10. Book your space below and don’t pay upon booking, instead we’ll give you Mates Rates when you arrive.
  • Please arrive in plenty of time. Class starts exactly on time and we can’t allow anyone in to class if they arrive late. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so that we can welcome you and show you around.
  • Get ready to have fun! We’re a welcoming bunch and we’re looking forward to practicing with you.

Why Should I Take Part?

We care about the health of the earth and others. For every friend you bring, we are able to plant more trees to improve the lives and wellbeing of our local community. Click the arrow to the right to learn more.

We’re not just a Hot Yoga studio and we’re not just a family business. We’re a team of passionate Yoga professionals who are committed to giving back.

Trees are wonderful. They are fantastic for our health and wellbeing. They keep the air that we breathe clean. They provide shelter and homes for wildlife. They are vital to the health of this planet.

That’s why, as a start towards our mission of reforestation, we are planting trees locally. By doing this, all people and families in our local community can benefit from clean air, more access to wildlife and natural spaces, improved wellbeing and better mental health.

By taking part in this challenge, you are helping us greatly towards our goal of planting 104 trees in 2021 with the Forest of Avon Trust!

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Have any questions?

Need to know more about this challenge? Send us a message here and we will come back to you with the answer.

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