A revolution in Yoga Classes Online

Are you currently wondering “how can I keep up my regular Yoga practice”? With so much changing in our lives, how can we stay healthy, supple, strong, robust, resilient and mentally healthy?

Well Yogafurie dug deep. We’ve done a lot of research. We’ve done a lot of testing. And we have found the perfect solution to your health goals and your Yoga practice at home.

Imagine if you can come out the other side of lockdown feeling:

  • Healthier and happier
  • Fit, strong and flexible
  • Mentally calm, resilient, and able to manage anxiety
  • Agile, both mentally and physically
  • Like nothing can bring you down if you don’t want it to

Imagine if you could find a routine that supported you in feeling more positive and helped you to manage the stress and anxiety you may be dealing with right now. And if that solution just happened to greatly improve your physical health too!

Yogafurie has the answer

Join our online Yoga community. Yogafurie offers a range of options to suit a range of abilities, life requirements and schedules.

For those that are craving structure. Or for those that want to practice ‘in the moment’ with their Teacher and a community of others. Our new platform offers Live Yoga Classes online daily.

For those who have a more fluid schedule and can’t make specific times each day or week, these Live Classes are instantly saved and offered as Yoga On Demand! At the same time Ed & Sinead will be offering masterclasses, meditations and Yoga Nidras.

Class styles available are; our signature Classic Furie, Dreamtime, Slow Flow (Glow Flow), Yin, Fierce Furie, meditations, Yoga Nidra practices


As a way to support individuals as best we can, and at the same time support our Teachers, we are offering a Founder Subscription of £20 per month. In return you will receive unlimited access to 9 classes each week that never expire (so you can always re-visit classes you love).

Hit the buttons above or below to see our new platform!