Find your balance with Vrksasana (Tree Pose)

A guide on how to attempt Vrksasana (Tree Pose)


Tree Pose, like Crab Pose last week, is another one of the more widely known yoga poses. And there are many good reasons why Tree Pose is so widely practiced! Tree Pose is great for balance and helps strengthen key parts of your legs and back.

Don’t worry if you wobble a lot or find it difficult to balance on one leg initially. You may have looked at all the pictures of Sinead and though how flexible and balanced she is. Don’t worry about how others are doing, yoga is all about your journey. This is all a learning process. Be patient with yourself, because you’re doing great so far.


Yogafurie Pose of the Week vrksasana or Tree pose. May 2016. Photographer Freia Turland m:07875514528
Sinead’s Pose of the Week this week is Vrksasana or Tree pose

What Tree Pose is good for:

Vrksasana (Tree Pose) is fantastic for learning strength in a balance, it can help a practitioner to feel rooted, stable and steady. It strengthens ankles, calves, thighs and the spine. This pose brings a stretch to the groin, inner thighs and also to the shoulders and chest. This pose can also help people with fallen arches in their feet to bring strength back to the muscles in the foot.

How to get into and out of Tree Pose:

Step 1: Find your balance 
Start by standing in Tadasana, first bring weight and balance into your right foot and bring attention into the stability created in that right leg. Start to lift your left foot and bring it to the inside of the right thigh. If the foot doesn’t get that high and you find it lands on the inside of the knee joint then place it instead on the inside of the right lower leg, in order to prevent adding unnecessary strain to the knee joint.
Step 2: Align yourself
Press the inside of the right leg against the sole of the left foot and start to bring the hips into a central position so that the right hip isn’t falling out to the side. Then bring the hands to the hips to ensure they are parallel to the floor.
Step 3: Hands to prayer position
Start to bring length to your lower back by feeling as if the tailbone is drawing towards the floor and then bring your hands either into Anjali Mudra (prayer position) or lengthen above the head. Hold this pose and breathe deeply for 6 rounds of breath.
Step 4: Exit and repeat on the other side
To exit the pose, lower the foot to the floor and bring your hands back to your waist on an exhale, and then repeat the other side.
Tree Pose
Tree Pose – try not to rest your foot against the inside of your knee joint on the standing leg as this can cause discomfort

What to watch out for:

As mentioned earlier, try not to rest your foot against the inside of your knee joint on the standing leg as this can cause discomfort and has potential for bringing about an injury in the long term. If the foot doesn’t reach the inner thigh, simply place it on the lower leg.
If you suffer from high blood pressure do not raise the arms overhead, you can keep the hands in Anjali Mudra in front of the chest.
If you have any discomfort in the hips, knees or inner thigh, try not going so deep into the pose.

Variations of Tree Pose:

If you find balance really difficult in this pose try to fix your gaze on a point in the room that doesn’t move. If that doesn’t help, practice first with your back against the wall so that you can get used to the positioning of the legs etc. and then start to focus again on the balance.
If you really would like a balance challenge try closing the eyes! be careful with this as balance does become more difficult when you close the eyes.


Practice your Tree Pose at home and in class

All of our classes this week will feature the Tree Pose to give you a chance to attempt your pose with added coaching from our Yogafurie teachers. Feel free to grab a teacher after class if you’d like a bit more of a demonstration of the Tree Pose.

In classes, we tend to move from pose to pose with a degree of pace. If you’d like to work on your Tree Pose specifically, you can always attempt the pose at home at your own pace.


Have a try! We’d love you to share your Tree Pose of social media

Tree Pose

Read the instructions, have a practice of Tree Pose and post your Pose of the Week pic to social media

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